Advanced AI Deep Reinforcement Learning in Python Free Download

Welcome ! in this course you’re going to learn the complete guide to mastering artificial intelligence (AI) using deep learning and neural networks with python, Advanced AI Deep Reinforcement Learning in Python Free Download full course for free, (How To Free Provide high level free education tutorials, online free course, new technology course for free)..

Advanced AI Deep Reinforcement Learning in Python Free Download

Advanced AI Deep Reinforcement Learning in Python Free Download

What you’ll learn in this course:

  • Create various deep learning agents full tutorials,
  • Q learning with Deep Neural in Networks,
  • Policy Gradient Methods with Neural Networks with python,
  • Learn about Reinforcement with (ref) Networks
  • Use Constitutional Neural Networks
  • Deep Q learning with python3,

Short Overview Of The Course:

  • Introduction of the course and Logistics and Outline
  • Where to get the Codes
  • Tensor flow or Thea-no
  • Background Review
  • Markov Decision Processes Review
  • Dynamic Programming Review
  • Monte Carlo Methods Review
  • Temporal Difference Learning Review
  • Approximation Methods for Reinforcement Learning Review
  • Deep Learning Review
  • Open (AI) Gym and Basic Reinforcement Learning Techniques
  • Open (AI) Gym Tutorial
  • Random Search
  • Cart-Pole with Bins (Theory) with (Code)
  • (RBF) Neural Networks with Mountain Car (Code),
  • Networks RBF  with Cart-Pole (Theory)
  • Thea-no Warmup
  • Tensor flow Warmup
  • Plugging in a Neural Network
  • Open (AI) Gym Section Summary

1. TD Lambda:

  • N-Step Methods also in Code,
  • Learn About TD Lambda and TD Lambda in Code,

2. Learn About Policy Gradient Methods:

  • Policy Gradient in Tensor-Flow for Cart-Pole also in Thea-no for Cart-Pole,
  • Mountain Car Continuous Thea-no, 

3. Deep Q-Learning Intro also Techniques:

  • Deep Q-Learning in Tensor-flow for Cart-Pole,
  • Additional Implementation Details for Atari,
  • Deep Q-Learning in Tensor-flow for Breakout,
  • Learn Partially Observable (MDPs),

4. Thea-no and Tensor-flow Basics Review:

  • Basics of Thea-no and Neural Network in Code
  • Tensor-flow Basics, Tensor-flow Neural Network in Code

5. Appendix:

  • What is the Appendix? Focused Environment Setup 2018

Learn How to install

  1. NumPY,
  2. Matplotlib,
  3. Pandas,
  4. Scipy,
  5. I-Python, and
  6. Thea-no also TensorFlow,
  • How to Code by Yourself,
  • For beginners or experts ?
  • Academic or practical ?
  • Fast or slow-paced ?
  • Proof that using Jupyter Notebook is the same as not using it,
  • Thea-no Dead Tutorials?

Requirements for the course :

  1. You should be knowledge about python basics,
  2. Mainly your interest in AI,

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Advanced AI Deep Reinforcement Learning in Python Free Download

Update in : 2018

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If you want to learn AI so! this is the prefect course for you, AI is the most powerful technology now everyone use AI technology like google, Facebook, Twitter e.t.c, it’s the short and sweet video course for everyone who want to get a success learn this course, Also this is the free course for you download AI course by clicking below download button,


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