Automated Software Testing with WebdriverIO

Learn Next Generation Selenium Testing with Node.js, Webdriver.IO v7, Javascript, BDD, Percy, Jenkins, and Browser Stack!

What you will learn in this Course:

  • Web Automation Testing
  • Handle Web Elements
  • Learn BDD with Cucumber & CodeceptJS
  • End-to-End Testing Examples
  • Page Objects Design Pattern
  • CI / CD Integration with Jenkins
  • Implement Babel Transpiler
  • Cloud Testing with Browser Stack

Requirements for this Course:

  • Basic programming knowledge
  • Basic test automation knowledge would be awesome
  • Node installed


!!! Refreshed IN 2021 + New Content is transferred like clockwork !!!

What’s course going on with this?

Learn web computerization and testing utilizing cutting edge selenium system called WebdriverIO. This course is intended to be just about as useful as could be expected. We will code directly from the beginning! You should simply introduce NodeJS and your number one code proofreader and have a tad of programming information in a perfect world in Javascript.

What will you realize in this course?

  • Step by step instructions to introduce, make and arrangement different testing projects
  • Web Automation and Elements Interaction with WebdriverIO API
  • Step by step instructions to execute page objects configuration design which is extremely famous in test mechanization field
  • Conduct Driver Development utilizing well known blend of WebdriverIO + CodeceptJS
  • Conduct Driver Development utilizing WebdriverIO + Cucumber
  • Visual relapse testing utilizing Percy library
  • Nonstop mix utilizing Jenkins and how to arrangement testing pipeline
  • Cloud testing utilizing BrowserStack
  • Tips and deceives from the specialists in the mechanization field

How to find support?

Learning is an endless interaction and we as a whole commit errors and stall out in some cases, however don’t stress you can generally send me a private message or compose a post to Q&A segment where is now a ton of inquiries and issues addressed by me or different understudies who are helping one another :

Who this course is for:

  • Selenium Testers
  • Manual Testers
  • Test Developers
  • Javascript Developers
  • QA Engineers

Course Content:

  • Introduction
  • Getting Started & Enviroment Setup
  • Interaction with Web Elements
  • End-to-End Testing
  • Page Objects Design Pattern
  • Automation Framework – Basics
  • Visual Regression Testing (Coming Next)
  • BDD With CodeceptJs (coming next)
  • BDD With CocumberJs (coming next)
  • Continuous Integration

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