Learn AWS Certified Solutions Free Video Course Free Download

Learn AWS Certified Solutions Free Video Course Free Download

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate | Includes Practice Test for Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect


What you will learn:

  • 28 HOURS OF INSTRUCTOR-GUIDED LECTURES: With our practical exercises, you’ll learn how to architect and build applications on Amazon Web Services
  • FULL-LENGTH PRACTICE TEST: Get familiar with the real AWS exam format, style and difficulty with this practice exam that is timed and scored
  • EXAM CRAM LECTURES : These fast-paced slide lectures are perfect for quick revision of the most important facts before you sit your exam
  • QUIZ QUESTIONS: Review your knowledge with 90 unique questions that test your understanding and measure your progress
  • FULLY UPDATED FOR SAA-C02 EXAM: New lessons have been added to cover the latest SAA-C02 exam blueprint
  • THE ULTIMATE EXAM PREP: We’ll teach you everything you need to know to ace your exam AND master the cloud in the real world
  • ACTIVE Q&A FORUM: In this discussion board, students ask questions and share their recent exam experience offering feedback on which topics were covered
  • RESPONSIVE SUPPORT: Our team of AWS experts respond to all of your questions, concerns or feedback

Requirements of AWS:

  • Basic IT knowledge is recommended
  • No need for previous AWS cloud experience as we’ll teach you the foundations of cloud computing
  • A free-tier AWS account is recommended to follow along with the practice labs – we’ll show you step by step how to create one

Description of AWS:

This Ultimate Exam Training for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate is pressed with extensive video exercises, guided involved labs, a full-length practice test, 3 hours test pack talks and 90 Quiz questions! On the off chance that you are looking to certainly pass your AWS Solutions Architect confirmation test first time AND figure out how to construct the best arrangement engineering on Amazon Web Services – at that point this AWS Certification course is for you!

This AWS Training covers 70% of what you need to know for the AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate and AWS Certified Developer Associate Exams. Subsequent to finishing this course, you will likewise be 60% arranged for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional Exam.


With our down to earth AWS Labs approach, you’ll figure out how to planner and assemble applications on Amazon Web Services, completely setting you up for the AWS test. Before the finish of the course, you will have built up a solid encounter put together range of abilities with respect to AWS alongside the certainty to pro your AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate test first time!

Watch the introduction video to figure out how this course will quick track your test achievement!

Reward – Practice Exam in Training Mode

We are currently offering FREE admittance to the AWS Digital Cloud Training site (enlistment needed with name and email) where you will get to your reward practice test in preparing mode (no time limit). This permits you to check addresses after each question (impractical on Udemy) and will assist you with setting up the test.


There are many FREE PREVIEWS to assist you with seeing how we show the SAA-C02 test diagram utilizing guided AWS Hands-On Labs. Look at the educational plan to see the gigantic measure of top to bottom down to earth practices joined with a top notch level of commonsense and hypothetical preparing.


  • You will learn – how to plan and assemble multi-level web structures with administrations, for example, Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling, Amazon Elastic Load Balancing (ELB), AWS Route 53, AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway and Amazon Elastic File System (EFS)
  • You will learn – how to make Docker holder groups on Amazon Elastic Container Services (ECS), set up serverless occasion driven AWS Lambda Functions with Amazon API Gateway and Amazon Kinesis reconciliations, and topographically excess information base administrations with Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS)
  • You will learn – how to design Amazon Virtual Private Clouds (VPC), subnets, and course tables and arrangement best practice Security Group setups
  • You will learn – how to assemble repeatably and safely with AWS CloudFormation, set up a PaaS with AWS Elastic Beanstalk, arrange Amazon S3 can approaches and divide information among numerous AWS accounts
  • You will learn – how to utilize application incorporation administrations including AWS Step Functions, Amazon MQ, SNS, SWF and SQS
  • You will learn – this thus significantly more!

Apprentices WELCOME

While essential IT information is suggested, we support individuals who are new to the Cloud to select this course. This course is reasonable for AWS Beginners as we start with the fundamentals of setting up a record and utilize a cycle of redundancy and steady figuring out how to assemble useful abilities and hypothetical information.


We take you from opening your first AWS Free Tier account through to making complex multi-level structures, continually adhering to the AWS test diagram to guarantee you are learning down to earth abilities and adequately getting ready for your AWS test. Our strategy guarantees that you hold the information – as rehashed practice is the most ideal approach to learn and construct your cloud aptitudes.


  • Be completely ready for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate test
  • Gain strong experience on AWS and see how to plan the best arrangement models on AWS
  • Expertise to plan designs that are savvy, operationally productive, secure, performant and tough utilizing AWS best practices.
  • Extend your insight and experience of Amazon EC2, Elastic Load Balancing, Auto Scaling, EBS and EFS
  • Comprehend the plan designs that identify with each assistance, for example, Serverless, Containers, Databases, Analytics, Application Integration, Automation, Security
  • Exhibit solid ability with AWS to (future) managers
  • Enter any AWS specialized Job meet with certainty
  • Take your AWS Cloud Career to the following level and expert the AWS stage
  • Become a certified AWS Solutions Architect prepared to work in a true climate

Unconditional promise

We are absolutely certain about the estimation of our AWS Solutions Architect course which accompanies a 30-day unlimited unconditional promise. Quick track your AWS test achievement and get lifetime access now – hazard free!

Who this course is for:

  • Candidates for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate certificate who are keen to ace the exam first time
  • Students preparing for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Certification looking for the ultimate exam prep
  • Learners studying for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional exam who want to build a solid skill set – not just theoretical knowledge
  • Students of any AWS Certification who need practical experience with the AWS platform
  • Solutions Architects seeking to deepen their understanding of the AWS Cloud
  • Anyone who wants to learn AWS and gain hands-on experience through guided labs

Course content of AWS:

Introduction Of AWS:

  • Introduction and How to use this Course
  • SAA-C02 Exam Guide
  • Help and Support
  • Meet your instructor
  • Course Download

Getting Started:

  • Introduction
  • Introduction to IAM Users, Groups, Roles and Policies
  • IAM Authentication Methods
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • AWS Security Token Service (STS)
  • Creating an AWS Free Tier Account
  • Modifying the Sign-in Link
  • Setting up a Billing Alarm
  • Active MFA on the Root Account
  • Create IAM User and Group
  • Configure Password Policy
  • AWS Global Infrastructure Overview
  • Virtual Private Cloud Overview
  • Route 53 – Register Domain

Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2):

  • Introduction
  • Elastic Compute Cloud Overview
  • New Console Orientation – EC2
  • Launch EC2 Instance Hands-on
  • Connect to EC2 Instance
  • Security Group Lab
  • Instance Metadata
  • Instance User Data
  • Status Checks and Monitoring
  • Public Private and Elastic IP addresses overview
  • Private IP Addresses
  • Public IP Addresses
  • Elastic IP Addresses and Elastic Network Interfaces
  • Private Subnets and Bastion Hosts
  • Connect from Windows with Agent Forwarding
  • NAT Instances and NAT Gateways Overview
  • Private Subnet with NAT Gateway
  • Private Subnet with NAT Instance
  • EC2 Placement Groups
  • Exam Cram – Intro, EC2 Pricing, Instance Types and AMIs
  • Exam Cram – IPs, ENIs, ENAs, EFAs, Placement Groups and Roles
  • Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)8 questions

Elastic Load Balancing and Auto Scaling:

  • Introduction
  • Amazon S3 and IAM Roles Overview
  • Elastic Load Balancing Concepts
  • Network Load Balancer
  • Application Load Balancer – Path-Based Routing
  • Application Load Balancer – Host-Based Routing
  • EC2 Auto Scaling Overview
  • EC2 Auto Scaling Group with ALB
  • ASG Scaling Policies09:24
  • Launch Configurations and Launch Templates
  • Auto Scaling Health Checks
  • Auto Scaling Termination Policies
  • New Console Orientation – ASG
  • Cross-Zone Load Balancing Overview and Setting up the Lab
  • NLB Cross-Zone Load Balancing
  • ALB Cross-Zone Load Balancing
  • ELB Sticky Sessions
  • ALB Listeners and SSL TLS
  • Public ALB with Private Instances and Security Groups
  • Multi-tier Web Application and Security Groups Concepts
  • Proxy Protocol X-Forwarded-For and Logging
  • ALB/NLB Server Access and Client Logs
  • Exam Cram – ELB04:34
  • Exam Cram – Auto Scaling
  • Elastic Load Balancing and Auto Scaling8 questions

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC):

  • Introduction
  • Create a Custom VPC
  • Security Groups
  • Network ACLs
  • VPC Peering
  • AWS Transit Gateway
  • Endpoint Services
  • VPC Flow Logs
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • AWS Direct Connect
  • AWS Direct Connect Gateway
  • VPC Wizard
  • Exam Cram – VPC and Security Groups
  • Exam Cram – Network ACL and VPC Connectivity
  • Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)7 questions

Amazon Route :

  • Introduction
  • Amazon Route 53 Overview
  • New Console Orientation – Route 53
  • Hosted Zones
  • DNS Record Types
  • Setting up the Lab
  • Health Checks
  • Simple Routing Policy
  • Weighted Routing Policy
  • Latency Based Routing Policy
  • Failover Routing Policy
  • Geolocation Routing Policy
  • Multivalue Routing Policy
  • Cleaning Up
  • Traffic Flow
  • AWS Route 53 Resolver
  • AWS Global Accelerator – Part 1
  • AWS Global Accelerator – Part 2
  • Exam Cram
  • AWS Route 534 questions

Amazon S3 and CloudFront:

  • Introduction
  • Object Block and File Storage
  • S3 Overview
  • New Console Orientation – S3
  • S3 Gateway Endpoints
  • Identity-Based and Resource-Based Policies
  • Identity-Based Policy Examples
  • Resource-Based Policy Examples
  • Cross Account Access
  • Access Control Lists
  • Tools for Access and Policy
  • Choosing Access Control Options
  • Multipart Upload
  • Query String Authentication
  • Transfer Acceleration
  • Static Websites
  • Versioning and MFA Delete
  • Cross Region Replication
  • Lifecycle Management
  • S3 Encryption
  • Event Notifications
  • Requester Pays
  • Server Access Logging
  • Object Lock
  • S3 Select and Glacier Select
  • Amazon CloudFront Overview
  • CloudFront with Static Website and OAI
  • CloudFront with ALB and EC2 Custom Origin
  • Exam Cram – Amazon S3
  • Exam Cram – CloudFront
  • Amazon S3 and CloudFront9 questions

Amazon Block and File Storage:

  • Introduction
  • EBS and EFS Overview
  • EBS vs Instance Store
  • EBS Volume Types
  • Launch Instance with Multiple EBS Volumes
  • Attach volume to running Instance
  • Create Volume from Snapshot in Another AZ
  • Working with AMIs
  • Working with Snapshots
  • EBS Copying Sharing and Encryption
  • Cleaning Up EBS
  • EBS Performance
  • Amazon EFS Overview
  • Create and mount EFS File System
  • Amazon FSx for Windows File Server and Lustre
  • AWS Storage Gateway
  • Exam Cram – EBS
  • Exam Cram – EFS and FSx
  • Exam Cram – Storage Gateway
  • Amazon EBS and EFS8 questions


  • Introduction
  • AWS ECS Overview
  • Setting up for the Labs
  • Create AWS Fargate Cluster using the Console
  • Create Amazon ECS Cluster and Task using the ECS CLI
  • Manually Scaling a Cluster
  • Amazon ECS Cluster with Multiple Services and ALB
  • Scale Amazon ECS Service with Auto Scaling
  • Upload Image to Amazon ECR and create task on AWS Fargate
  • Exam Cram
  • Containers4 questions


  • Introduction
  • Lambda Overview and Create Simple Function
  • Compute Architecture Considerations
  • Preparing for the Labs
  • Create Function to Resize Images in S3
  • Create function to log event when records updated in DynamoDB
  • API Gateway Overview
  • API Gateway Console Walkthrough
  • Build a Hello World API with Lambda Proxy Integration
  • Create a Simple Microservice using Lambda and API Gateway
  • Exam Cram
  • Serverless

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