Become a Full-stack .NET Developer Download Course For Free

Become a Full-stack .NET Developer Download Course For Free

Course full Overview

What You’ll Learn


Structure Of Course Tutorials

Creating a Visual Studio Online Account

Setting up the Development Environment

Extracting Core Use Cases from Requirements:

Introduction Of Lesson

Requirements Document

Extracting the Use Cases

Adding Use Cases to the Backlog

Dependency Between Use Cases

Order of Use Cases

Extracting the Core Use Cases

Planning the First Iteration:

Introduction Of LessonĀ 

Assigning Use Cases to the Iteration

Sketching a User Experience

Building a Model Using Code-first Workflow:

Building a Form with Bootstrap

Saving Data

Implementing Validation

Preventing Common Web Application Vulnerabilities:

Introduction Of The Lesson

SQL Injection



Preventing CSRF Attacks

Moving Towards a Beautiful Design:

Introduction Of Lesson

Choosing a Color

Overriding Bootstrap Styles

Choosing a Font

Overriding Bootstrap Fonts

Improving the Look and Feel of Forms

Adding a Drop-down List to Navbar

Cleaning up the Navbar

Before and After

Usability Best Practices:

Introduction Of Lesson


Input Fields

Fixing the Usability Issues with Input Fields


Validation Messages

Fixing the Usability Issues with Validation Messages


Extending ASP.NET Identity Users:

Introduction Of Lesson

Building a Basic View

Extending ApplicationUser Class

Extending the Sign up Form

Refactoring .NET

Creating Beautiful and Precise Designs with CSS:

Introduction Of Lesson


Zen coding

Absolute and Relative Positioning in CSS

Using Absolute Positioning

Working with CSS Attributes

Final Polishing CSS

Implementing a Use Case from Top to Bottom:

Introduction Of Lesson

A Poor Design

A Better Design

Extending the Domain Mode

Overriding Code-first Conventions Using Fluent API

Designing the API

Building the API

Testing the API with Postman

Preventing Duplication

Adding a Button

Wiring up the Button to the API

Introducing a (DTO)

Implementing Secondary Use Cases:

Introduction Of Lesson

A Quick Code Review

Hiding Actions from Anonymous Users

Implementing a Supporting Use Case

Refactoring: Applying the DRY Principle

Adding Vertical Space Using CSS

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