Complete Build Telegram Bots with JavaScript Free Video Course Free Download

Complete Build Telegram Bots with JavaScript Free Video Course Free Download

Build Telegram Bots with JavaScript Complete Course, Easy and Fast to learn. Build Telegram Chat Bots with Node.js using the Modern Telegraf Framework

Build Telegram Bots with JavaScript

What you will learn

  • You will learn Telegraf Framework and Telegram Bot API
  • Basic Bot Functions such as commands, middlewares, context shortcuts, and working with files
  • Learn to implement advanced Telegram Bot API features such as custom keyboards, inline query, switch inline query
  • Learn to create AWS Lambda Function with Layers
  • Learn to use AWS API Gateway to create endpoints
  • Deploy Telegram Bots with Serverless Architecture on AWS
  • Learn to call External APIs and return the processed information to users with bots
  • Learn various APIs such as Cryptocompare, Wiki, Pixabay, and Cat-as-a-service
  • Learn to get data from Google Sheet using JSON
  • Learn Best Practices when coding Telegram Bots such as making the code modular
  • Learn to use RSS and Zapier to create an automatic Channel Posting Bot

Requirements of Build Telegram Bots with JavaScript:

  • Telegram Account
  • Basic JavaScript

Description of Build Telegram Bots with JavaScript:

Wire is a cloud-based texting application that gives API to designers to make bots that cooperate with clients. This course intends to furnish you with complete arrangement of information on the best way to construct stunning Telegram Bots.

Build Telegram Bots with JavaScript course, you will utilize JavaScript and NodeJS to make Telegram Bots utilizing an EASY-TO-LEARN Modern Framework called Telegraf.

First you will become familiar with the essential bot capacities where you will comprehend the central structure squares of the system.

Next we will figure out how to construct 7 unique bots, each zeroing in on a particular territory that will permit you to acclimate yourself with the structure and Telegram Bot API.

The 7 Bots that you will construct:

  • Reverberation Bot – Echos what you type, furnishes clients with an assistance message, and has logging highlight to log data into another visit.
  • Media Bot – Work with records like sending photographs, Gifs, and reports from your PC, URL or File ID.
  • Straightforward API Bot – Invoke outside APIs to send clients an irregular fortune treat, an arbitrary picture of a feline, a picture with an instant message that you composed, get a picture of a particular canine variety.
  • Realities Bot – Retrieve information from a Google Sheet and yield it to the bot without utilizing Google API.
  • Crypto Bot – Retrieves Cryptocurrency data and you will figure out how to make intelligent menus in your bot utilizing custom consoles.
  • Channel Bot – Uses RSS and Zapier to consequently send Instagram or Facebook posts into your channel, and this additionally works for any site that upholds RSS.
  • Search Bot – Supports inline inquiry so anybody in any visit can send an inline question to the bot to look for pictures or Wikipedia pages.

At long last we will figure out how to convey our bot utilizing the Serverless Architecture with AWS Lambda and AWS API Gateway. The Serverless Architecture will permit your bot to scale naturally and you don’t need to stress over it smashing when there are an excessive number of clients. You additionally don’t need to stress over dealing with your own worker and it is likewise free and amazingly modest to have with AWS Lambda.

All the bot contents and codes will be accessible for you to download and use to expand your gaining and increase the most from the course.

Toward the finish of the course, you will realize how to do straightforward signing into a gathering visit, send various kinds of documents, utilize outside API, perused Google Sheets, make custom consoles with intelligent menus, handle inline questions, and naturally post substance from sites like Instagram and Facebook into your channel and some more.

This course likewise gives you a decent venturing stone for you to investigate further into building more mind boggling bots.

In the event that you might want to find in detail what every bot does, you can look at the segments beneath.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners who are curious to create Telegram bots
  • Anyone who want to create Telegram Bots with complex functions
  • Anyone who wants to understand and learn Telegram Bot API
  • Students who want to expand their portfolio with Telegram bots

Course content of Build Telegram Bots with JavaScript:

Introduction of Build Telegram Bots with JavaScript:

  • Installing NodeJS and Visual Studio Code
  • Setting Up Workspace
  • Set Up Nodejs Project
  • Installing Packages

Learn To Set-Up Bot:

  • Create Bot and Bot’s Token
  • About Telegram API

Basic Bot Functions:

  • Basic Functions Introduction
  • Constructor
  • Important Commands
  • Telegraf Context
  • Bot Command Method
  • Bot Hears Method
  • Bot On Method
  • Other Methods
  • Bot Use Method
  • About Middleware
  • Next Function
  • State
  • Context Shortcuts
  • Extra Parameters

Bot #1 – Echo Bot (Logging):

  • Echo Bot Introduction
  • Echo Bot Set-Up
  • Start and Help Commands
  • Echo Functionality
  • Logging Functionality
  • Logging Functionality 2
  • Log Information to Group Chat
  • Echo Bot Summary

Bot #2 – Media Bot (Working With Files):

  • Media Bot Introduction
  • Media Bot Set-Up
  • Download Resource
  • Working With Files
  • Send Methods
  • New York Command (Send Photo)
  • Reply To Message ID
  • Chat Action
  • Dubai Command (Send Gif/Animation)
  • Cities Command (Send Media Group)
  • List Command (Send Document)
  • Singapore Command (Send Location)
  • Get Download Link (Document)
  • Get Download Link (Photo)
  • Help Message
  • Media Bot Final Code

Bot #3 – Simple API Bot (Use External API):

  • Simple API Bot Introduction
  • Simple API Bot Set-Up
  • Brief Introduction to HTTP
  • Fortune Cookie Command (Yerkee API)
  • Cat Command (Random Cat API)
  • Cat Command (Cat As A Service API)
  • Download dogbreeds.json file
  • Dog Breeds List Command
  • Dog Command (Exact Result)
  • Dog Command (Suggestions Filter)
  • Help Message
  • Markdown Style
  • Simple API Bot Summary

Bot #4 – Facts Bot (Read Google Sheet):

  • Facts Bot Introduction
  • Facts Bot Set-Up
  • Facts List Data
  • Google Sheet Set-Up
  • Accessing Google Sheet
  • Google Sheet JSON Link
  • Get Data Command
  • Fact Command
  • Update Command
  • Facts Bot Summary

Bot #5 – Crypto Bot (Inline and Reply Keyboards):

  • Crypto Bot Introduction
  • Crypto Bot Set-Up
  • Inline Keyboard Markup
  • Handle Callback Query
  • Interactive Menu
  • Cryptocompare API Key
  • Start Message With Inline Keyboard
  • Price Message With Inline Keyboard
  • Back Button (Callback Query Handler
  • Price Buttons (Callback Query Handlers)
  • Reply Keyboard Markup
  • Reply Keyboard Handlers
  • Remove Reply Keyboard
  • Crypto Bot Final Code

Bot #6 – Instagram & Facebook Channel Bot (Zapier & FetchRSS):

  • Channel Bot Introduction:
  • Channel and Bot Set-Up
  • Understanding RSS
  • Get RSS from Instagram
  • Zapier – Create Trigger
  • Zapier – Create Action
  • Telegram Bot API
  • Zapier – Writing Fetch API
  • Get Channel Chat ID
  • Zapier – Setting InputData & Text Message
  • Remove Splash Text
  • Format Link (HTML Style)
  • Inline Keyboard Button
  • Switch On Zap!
  • Facebook – Create another Zap and RSS

Bot #7 – Search Bot (Inline Query):

  • Search Bot Introduction
  • Search Bot Set-Up and Enable Inline Mode
  • Inline Mode
  • Pixabay API
  • Template for Pixabay API
  • Handle Inline Query – Get data (Pixabay)
  • Handle Inline Query – Answer Query (Pixabay)
  • Caption & Markdown (Inline Keyboard)
  • Wikipedia API
  • Template for Wiki API
  • Handle Inline Query – Get Data (Wiki)
  • Handle Inline Query – Answer Query (Wiki)
  • Switch Inline Query (Inline Keyboard)
  • Share Button
  • Enable Both Handlers
  • Switch Inline Query Current Chat (Inline Keyboard)
  • Start and Help Commands
  • Start and Help Inline Query
  • Set Placeholder with Botfather
  • Search Bot Final Code

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