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Set yourself up for success, learn the key business analysis concepts to thrive in your Business Analyst career

Business Analysis Fundamentals

What you will learn

  • Business Analysis basics – learn what a Business Analyst is, what they do, and how they do it
  • A breakdown of six project methodologies including traditional Waterfall and Agile frameworks
  • Learn how to properly initiate a project by creating a business case that aligns with the business objectives
  • Understand the basics of project requirements and six of the popular techniques used to elicit those details from your stakeholders
  • Gain an overview of various modeling diagrams to help you recognize and understand project documentation
  • Conduct requirement specification – including categorizing, deriving (breaking apart), prioritizing, and validating
  • Have the confidence to successfully facilitate requirements approval meetings

Requirements of Business Analysis Fundamentals:

  • This course covers all of the fundamentals – no prior knowledge is required

Description of Business Analysis Fundamentals:


Put yourself in a good position and get familiar with the key ideas you’ll have to flourish in your Business Analyst vocation!

With more than 10 years functioning as, employing, and overseeing Business Analysts, I’ve acquired a ton of significant experience and information. What’s more, today, I need to impart that data to you. I’ll help you venture out in a long and beneficial vocation in business investigation.

In this course, I have consolidated all that I’ve learned in the entirety of my years working in the business into an extensive manual for the fundamental components that make up the main device in any Business Analyst’s vocation – your central information.

Building a fruitful future without a solid establishment is an incomprehensible assignment…

In any case, when you have one set up, it’ll give your vocation the most grounded conceivable beginning, and set you in a place to make the most of the chances and encounters that come your direction and make the progress you’re longing for!

Along these lines, regardless of whether you’re a hopeful Business Analyst or one that is new to the job – let this course be the initial step of a rewarding and fulfilling vocation.

Course enlistment awards you lifetime access, with no termination, to all the course addresses, exercises, gifts, and tests. Likewise, you’ll likewise get 1-on-1 help for any inquiries or vulnerabilities that surface. What’s more, this all returns with a cash ensure. You don’t have anything to lose thus a lot to acquire.

Hoping to get ECBA ensured? – This course meets all requirements for 9 hours of Professional Development

Simply ask the understudies who’ve effectively taken this course:

“The speed is ideal for the individuals who are effectively drawn in, and there is a ton of significant worth in the talks, exercises, and extra assets gave. I wholeheartedly suggest this course.” – Kenni

“The course is simply magnificent! Tbh [to be honest], I didn’t anticipate much from the online course and was truly amazed when it ended up being sooo intriguing. The data is all around organized and partitioned into areas which makes it truly straightforward and handle the significant focuses. I appreciated the manner in which Jeremy conducts the talks and really desire to enlist into some a greater amount of his courses in future! Much appreciated a ton” – Nataliia

“Incredible quality work. I like how Jeremy separates everything, so it’s justifiable regardless of whether you don’t have any foundation in the business examination. Marvelous courses!!!” – Oleg

For what reason be a Business Analyst in any case?

  1. Likely Earnings – Let’s be straightforward it’s the primary explanation we work in any case. Along these lines, you’ll be glad to hear that a regular Business Analyst (BA) procures more than $78,000 each year. Also, that is just the normal. Buckle down, keep on expanding the worth you give, and simply envision the amount you could wind up making!
  2. Market Growth – The Business Analysis work market is relied upon to develop at a pace of 19% over the course of the following 10 years, so get in now and exploit an industry that is on the ascent. Indeed, per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, American managers will require 876,000 business examination related experts in 2020. It is an incredible opportunity to be knowledgeable in business investigation!
  3. Vocation Springboard – The abilities you master as a Business Analyst are pivotal to a large group of numerous different callings, everything from IT to Business. This profession way isn’t only a task, it’s an interest in your future.
  4. Utilize Existing Industry Knowledge – Similarly, the abilities you’ve mastered outside of the business investigation world are exceptionally esteemed in the business – so instead of beginning once more, you can be effectively utilized your experience.
  5. It’s Never Boring – With new ventures consistently not too far off, and various difficulties to handle every day, the job of a Business Analyst never becomes old.

So in case you’re searching for a difficult and remunerating vocation, I exceptionally urge you to investigate business examination!

What precisely is remembered for this course?

  • Business Analysis essentials – realize what a Business Analyst is, their specialty, and how they do it

Who this course is for:

  • Aspiring Business Analysts – including recent college graduates and those looking to make a career change.
  • New Business Analysts wanting to improve their craft
  • Other positions that are performing business analysis duties such as administrators, managers, and project leads.
  • Those going for their ECBA certification – this course is qualifies for 9 hours of Professional Development

Course content of Business Analysis Fundamentals:

Introduction of Business Analysis Fundamentals:

  • Top 7 Reasons You Should Become a Business Analyst
  • Meet your instructor & Important links
  • Course Resources – for your convenience

The Basics:

  • What is a Business Analyst and what value do they provide
  • Broad Responsibilities of a Business Analyst
  • Types of Business Analyst Roles
  • Top Business Analyst Skills
  • Validate Understanding of the Basics6 questions

Software Development Lifecycles (SDLC):

  • Business Analyst Glossary of Terms + Download
  • Software Development Lifecycle Overview
  • Waterfall
  • Incremental
  • Spiral
  • Scrum
  • Rapid Application Development (RAD)
  • Prototyping
  • Software Development Life Cycles Knowledge
  • Activity: Software Development Life Cycles Brainstorm

Initiating a Project:

  • Activity: Begin to think logically
  • Activity: Begin to think logically – Solution and Explanation
  • Understanding the Business Objective
  • Creating a Business Case
  • What is a Stakeholder and How to Identify Them
  • Assigning Responsibilities to Stakeholders using a RACI Matrix
  • Initiating a Project
  • Activity: Create a Business Case

Requirement Basics:

  • Overview of Requirements
  • SMART Requirements
  • SMART Requirements Clarification
  • Tips for Producing Valid Requirements
  • Phases of the Requirements Process
  • Business Rules
  • Requirement Basics

Requirement Elicitation:

  • Requirement Elicitation Basics
  • Elicitation Technique: Brainstorming
  • Elicitation Technique: Requirement
  • Elicitation Technique: Surveys
  • Elicitation Technique: Documentation Review
  • Elicitation Technique: Analyzing Interfaces
  • Activity: Utilize the elicitation skills you’ve learned

Requirement Analysis:

  • Introduction to Requirement Analysis
  • Visual Modeling Concepts
  • Business Models
  • Technical Models
  • BPMN vs UML
  • Engaging Your Technical Team

Requirement Specification:

  • Introduction to Requirement Specification
  • Categorizing Requirements
  • Deriving Requirements
  • Assigning Requirement Attributes
  • Prioritizing Requirements
  • Prioritizing Requirements Example
  • Validating Requirements
  • Business Requirements Document (BRD)

Requirements Approval:

  • Introduction to Requirements Approval
  • Gaining the Business Approval
  • Gaining the Technical Approval
  • Gaining Sponsor or Committee Approval

After the Project:

  • Conducting a Project
  • Verifying the Completion of a Project

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