Complete Android Developer Masterclass From Scratch Free Course

Welcome! Complete android developer masterclass from scratch free course download tutorials, Learn to make Android applications from scratch, make database oriented android applications with complete functionality.

Complete Android Developer Masterclass From Scratch Free Course || howtofree

What you will learn in the course:

  • Make Android applications like Instagram, WhatsApp and Blogger.
  • Learn how Android apps connect and communicate with online database.
  • Know how to sign in, login an logout a user in your android application.
  • How to makes android apps right from the basics to making advanced applications like chat application.
  • Learn how to turn your next big idea into an android app.
Overview of The Course:
  • Introduction & installing required tools
  • Lets Cover Some Android basics
  • Understanding Android layouts
  • Learn & Understand Activity Lifecycle and Listviews
  • Fragments
  • SQLite database
  • Actionbar and Navigation Drawers
  • Integrating Google maps. in your Android application
  • Services
  • Image capture, Toast and custom launcher icons
  • Building Our Own Meme app
  • Firebase database
  • Building Our Own Online Insta App Using Firebase
  • Todo app
  • Food ordering app
  • Chat app
  • Bus Tracking App
  • How to build addictive apps & Getting a job as an android developer

Here in this complete android developer masterclass from scratch free course you can learn:

  • Learn how to make Android apps from scratch.
  • How to design awesome user interfaces for your android applications.
  • Learn how to connect your application with an online database.
  • Capture media like audio and images and store it in the database.
  • Learn how to integrate google maps in your Android application.
  • Build android application from your idea.

Who is the audience for this course:

  • Completely new or have some knowledge about building Android apps
  • Students who wish to get a job as android application developer.
  • Who know Java basics and now want to extend their knowledge to android application development

Requirements for this course:

  • Student should have a pc or a Mac.
  • Internet connection.
  • Students should know basics of Java, dont need to be a Java expert, basic understanding of Java is needed.

Complete android developer masterclass from scratch free course download , clicking below, If you have a any question so! please comment now!

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