Complete ES6 JavaScript Tutorial Free Download

Complete ES6 JavaScript Tutorial Free Download

Complete ES6 JavaScript Tutorial for Free download. Get practice with live examples and learn exactly where to apply ES6 features. Complete ES6 JavaScript Tutorial for Free. Complete ES6 JavaScript Tutorial Free Download. Complete ES6 JavaScript Tutorial Free Download.

Complete ES6 JavaScript Tutorial for Free

What do you want learn:

  • Learn how to apply each feature of ES6 in practical situations
  • Understand the major features of ES6
  • Have total mastery of generators
  • Know the difference between ES6 and ES2015
  • Teach other developers about destructuring
  • Never need to write a for loop again!

Course content:

1.Before We Get Started

  • How to Take This Course
  • ES6 vs ES2015

2. The ‘forEach’ Helper

  • Array Helper Methods – The Easiest Way to Write Better Code
  • The forEach Helper
  • forEach Continued
  • Why Use forEach?
  • Moving Away from For Loops

3. The ‘map’ Helper

  • The Map Helper
  • Map Helper Continued
  • Where Map Is Used
  • Plucking Values

4.The ‘filter’ Helper

  • Selecting Needed Data with Filter
  • More on Filtering
  • Filtering Values
  • Handling Permissions with Filter
  • Challenging! Implementing ‘reject’.

5.The ‘find’ Helper

  • Querying For Records with Find
  • Using Find to Search for Users
  • Really Challenging: Custom findWhere Helper

6.The ‘every’ and ‘some’ Helper

  • A Little Every and a Lot of Some
  • More on Every and Some
  • Every and Some Syntax
  • Every and Some in Practice
  • Finding Submitted Users
  • In Progress Network Requests

7.The ‘reduce’ Helper

  • Condensing Lists with Reduce
  • A Touch More of Reduce
  • Ace Your Next Interview with Reduce
  • Distance Traveled
  • Reducing Properties
  • Hardmode: Custom ‘Unique’ Helper


  • Variable Declarations with Const and Let
  • What Const and Let Solve
  • A Constant Exercise of Letting Variables Be Variables
  • Const/Let Refactoring

9.Template Strings

  • When to Reach for Template Strings
  • Template Strings in Practice

10.Arrow Functions

  • Fat Arrow Functions
  • Advanced Use of Arrow Functions
  • When to Use Arrow Functions
  • When to Use Arrow Functions Continued
  • Refactoring Keyword Functions
  • Arrow Functions Aren’t Always a Solution

11.Enhanced Object Literals

  • Wondering When to Use Enhanced Literals?
  • Multiple Properties with Enhanced Notation
  • Condensing Code with Enhanced Literals
  • Literals in Functions
  • Refactor to use enhanced literal notation

12.Default Function Arguments

  • Specifying Default Function Arguments
  • Use Cases of Defaulting Arguments
  • Using Default Arguments
  • Dumping Unused Code

13.Rest and Spread Operator

  • Capturing Arguments with Rest and Spread
  • The Rest on Rest and Spread
  • Look to Use Rest and Spread in This Case
  • Many, Many Arguments
  • Mixing Rest and Spread


  • Goldmine of ES6: Destructuring
  • Destructuring Arguments Object
  • Arrays
  • Destructuring Arrays and Objects At the Same Time
  • So…When to Use Destructuring?
  • More on When to Use Destructuring
  • Destructuring in Practice
  • Array Destructuring in Practice
  • Recursion with Destructuring


  • Introduction to Classes
  • Prototypal Inheritance
  • Refactoring with Classes
  • Extending Behavior of Classes
  • When to Use Classes
  • Game Classes
  • Subclassing Monsters


  • One Quick Thing: For…Of Loops
  • Introduction to Generators
  • Generators With a Short Story
  • Another Step in Our Generator Story
  • The Big Reveal on ES6 Generators
  • A Practical Use of ES6 Generators
  • Delegation of Generators
  • Delegation of Generators Continued
  • Symbol.Iterator with Generators
  • Complexities of Symbol.Iterator
  • Generators with Recursion
  • More on Generators and Recursion

17.Promises and Fetch

  • Code Execution in Javascript
  • Terminology of Promises
  • Creating Promises
  • Then and Catch
  • Async Code with Promises
  • Ajax Requests with Fetch
  • Shortcomings of Fetch


  • Basic knowledge of Javascript is required (Arrays, Functions, Object)

Who this course is for:

  • Take this course if you’re wondering when to use generators
  • Enroll now if you want to learn exactly why ‘const’ and ‘let’ were added to ES6
  • Sign up now if you want to write better-looking code

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