Complete Hacking Pro Tutorials For free

Complete Hacking Pro Tutorials For free hacking for beginners . This is the best free professional hacking course every in the internet with highest raring, Download New!

Complete Hacking Pro Tutorials For free

What will you learn:

  • Learn the four components required to perform ethical hacking
  • basics of port scanning and how you identify running services
  • basics of vulnerability scanning to identify vulnerable hosts
  • exploitation with Metastasis to compromise your target


Part 1 – Foundations

  • Understand the internet and the components that make it work
  • IP addresses and why they’re needed for hacking
  • Is a DNS and how it makes the internet work
  • servers and services and why are needed for hacking
  • Deep dive into packets

Part 2 – Lab Setup

  • Set up your own lab to practice hacking legally

Part 3 – Hacking

  • Get introduced to port scanning and one of the favorite tools for hackers
  • Understand vulnerability scanning and how you can identify weaknesses
  • Exploit the weaknesses you find to hack your target

Course you will have the skills to:

  • Identify the 4 necessary components for every hack to happen
  • Find weaknesses in your target
  • Exploit your target and take control of it

Course content:

  • Building The Foundations
  • Internet and IP Addresses
  • Network Address Translation
  • Domain Name System
  • Servers
  • Services and Ports
  • Packets and Protocols
  • Lab Setup
  • Port Scanning
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Exploitable Vulnerabilities
  • Install Metasploit
  • Get Your First Shell!
  • Get Your Second Shell!
  • Third Shell?

Who this course is for:Anyone wanting to learn the absolute basics of hacking


  • Basic computer knowledge
  • previous hacking knowledge required
  • Linux knowledge required
  • NO required programming knowledge required

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