Complete Java A to Z Course Free Download

Complete Java A to Z Course Free Download

Hi! There If you want to Become a Java Developer,  So ! your in right place, complete java a to z course free download now! full java course for free watch all tutorials clearly also remember this is the best course forever for everyone if your beginner or your expert download course and learn java programming from scratch for free, before download this course you must be read following topics. Complete Java A to Z Course Free Download. Complete Java A to Z Course Free Download.

Complete Java A to Z Course Free Download

What you will learn in this course:

  1. Learn the core java skills needed to apply for Java developer,
  2. Be able to sit for and pass the Oracle Java Certificate exam,
  3. How to build creative, fully functional Java programs with confidence,

Course content Overview :

  • Setup and First Steps
  • Working With Subtitles
  • Which Version Of Java?
  • Installing JDK 11 on Win and Mac

1. First Lesson Creating your first Java Program

  • Exploring(IntelliJ) IDEA
  • Variables, Data types and Operators:
  • What Are Variables?
  • Getting To Know Primitive Data Types – The Byte, Short, Int And Long
  • Primitive Data Types – Float And Double & Char And Boolean 
  • Operators In Java 

2. Java Tutorial (Expressions, Statements, Code blocks, Methods):

  • Keywords And Expressions
  • Statements, White-space and Indentation,
  • Code Blocks And The If Then Else Control Statements
  • if then else Recap
  • Methods In Java
  • Diff-merge Tool Introduction
  • Using Diff-merge in java
  • Coding Exercises
  • Method Overloading
  • Area Calculator in java

3. Control Flow Statements:

  • The switch statement
  • Number In Word
  • The for Statement
  • For Loop Recap
  • Sum Odd
  • While and Do While Recap
  • Parsing Values from a String
  • Flour Pack Problem

4. OOP  Classes, Constructors and Inheritance:

  • Inheritance
  • this vs super
  • Method Overloading vs Overriding Recap
  • Static vs Instance Methods
  • Static vs Instance Variables
  • Composition
  • Encapsulation

5. Arrays, Java inbuilt Lists, Auto boxing & Unboxing:

  • Arrays
  • List and Array List
  • Auto boxing & Unboxing
  • Linked List

6. Inner and Abstract Classes & Interfaces:

  • Interfaces in java
  • Abstract Classes

7. Java Generics:

  • Java Generics Class

8. Naming Conventions and Packages static also keywords:

  • Naming Conventions
  • Packages
  • Scope
  • Access Modifiers
  • The static statement

9. Java Collections:

  • Binary Search
  • Collections List Methods
  • Map Continued and Adventure Game
  • Immutable Classes
  • Sets & HashSet
  • Potential issue with equals() and sub-classing
  • Sets – Symmetric & Asymmetric
  • Stock List Class With Maps
  • Tree Map and Unmodified Maps

10. Learn Java FX:

  • JDK11 Global Library Configuration
  • Create Your First Java FX Project
  • Grid Pane Layout
  • H-Box Layout
  • Border Pane Layout
  • Radio Button and Check Box
  • Combo Box and Choice Box
  • Slider, Spinner, Color Picker & Date Picker Controls
  • Events and Event Handlers
  • Events Continued in java
  • Threads and Run able
  • Setup Sample To do List Application
  • Formatting Dates
  • Add Dialog Pane
  • Show Dialog and Add Controller Code
  • Cell Factories in java
  • Context Menu
  • Key Events and Toolbars
  • Sorted List
  • Filtered List in java
  • CSS With Java FX
  • Transforming Nodes and Choosers
  • Scene Builder

11. Basic Input & Output including java:

  • Stack Trace and Call Stack
  • Catching and throwing Exceptions
  • Multi Catch Exceptions
  • Writing content – File Writer class and Finally block
  • File Reader and Close able
  • Load Big Location and Exits Files
  • Create Random Access File
  • Java NIO
  • Writing Binary Files with Java NIO
  • Absolute and Relative Reads
  • Writing Sequentially
  • File Channel to Copy Files and Pipes with Threads
  • Exists and Copy File
  • Move, Rename and Delete
  • Read Existing Directory Contents
  • Walk File Tree
  • Mapping IO and NIO Methods

12. Concurrency in Java:

  • Concurrency and Threads
  • Thread Variables
  • Deadlocks, wait, notify and notify-all methods
  • Re-entrant Lock and Unlock
  • Thread Pools
  • Fair Locks and Live Locks
  • Java FX Background Tasks

13. Lambda Expressions:

  • Nested Blocks
  • Scope and Functional Programming
  • Functions
  • Chaining java.util.function Functions

14. Regular Expressions:

  • Regular Expressions Introduction
  • Character classes and Boundary Matchers
  • And, Or & Not

15. Debugging and Unit Testing:

  • Field Watch Points
  • Advanced Debugging
  • More Asserts and Exception Handling
  • Parameterized Testing

16. Databases:

  • Database Terminology
  • Install and Setup SQLite
  • Querying Data With SQL
  • JDBC and SQLite GUI Browser
  • Creating Databases With JDBC in Java
  • JDBC Insert, Update, Delete
  • .execute Query() and using Constants
  • The Music SQLite Database
  • Query Albums by Artist Method
  • Write the Method to Query View
  • SQL Injection Attacks and Prepared Statements
  • Inserting Records With JDBC
  • Add Progress-bar

17. Java Networking Programming:

  • First Client and Server Apps
  • UDP Server and Client
  • High Level APIS
  • URL Connections and Input Stream Reader
  • HTTP Url Connection

18. Java 9 Module System:

  • Module Declarations and Statements

19. Migrating Java Projects to Java 9:

  • Creating the first module.
  • Creating the Module Descriptor file
  • Transitive Dependencies

20. Archived Videos:

  • Old Java FX tutorials for JDK 8

Requirements for the course:

  1. Need, your computer and your hunger to get started today

Who is the target audience for the course?

  1. This course is perfect for absolute beginners
  2. Those looking to build creative and advanced Java apps

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