Learn Create POS System – Inventory & sales with PHP 7 & admin LTE Free Video Course

Learn how to create a POS system with inventory management and billing using PHP 7 and Admin LTE

 Create POS System - Inventory & sales   with PHP 7 & admin LTE Free Video Course

What you will learn in this Course:

  • You will learn to create a designed web application using PHP 7 programming language with AdminLTE template.
  • You will learn to create several resources that allow to offer useful characteristics for any company that wants to create a point of sale.
  • You will learn how to create inventory manager, sales management with different payment methods, invoice printing, sales reports, best customers report, sellers and products.
  • You will learn to combine multiple tools and plugins with admin LTE template like: graphs, tables and statistics working with object oriented programming and Model-view-


  • You need to have HTML 5 and CSS 3: “Learn HTML 5 and CSS 3 from scratch”. It’s not mandatory but it could be helpful for the project construction, have a background in programming logic, PHP, JavaScript, j Query and Bootstrap grid layout.


Might you want to figure out how to make a POS System and offer it to organizations that needs to deal with their stock and charging?

In this course you will figure out how to make a POS(Point of Sale) framework without any preparation utilizing the programming language PHP in its adaptation 7, joining a few assets that will permit you to offer valuable qualities for any organization that requirements to open a store or deal with their deals and stock.

This is a commonsense course where I will lead you bit by bit in the learning cycle of making complex frameworks with PHP under the Model-View-Controller(MVC) design, when you finish it, you could offer it to your customers or it very well may be utilized as a premise to foster other complex framework.

Framework’s qualities:

  • Stock administration
  • Deals the executives with various installment strategies
  • Receipt PDF printing
  • Business chart in Excel
  • Best clients report
  • Top rated items report
  • Blockbuster report
  • Stock item control
  • Day by day report
  • Month to month report
  • Date range report
  • Adjusted to all gadgets (Responsive plan)

Libraries you will figure out how to utilize:

  • AdminLTE format: Great open source layout for responsive programming creation.
  • jQuery DataTable: Used for dynamic tables creation.
  • MorrisJS: Used for dynamic designs and measurements.
  • ChartJS:Used for dynamic designs and graphs.
  • Date Range Picker: Used for choosing date ranges.
  • Info Mask: Helps the client with the contribution by guaranteeing a predefined design
  • TCPDF: PHP expansion for PDF design printing.
  • And then some: jQuery Number, iCheck, SweetAlert2, Fast Click, Ionicons, among others.


The course is isolated in a few segments. In the primary segment we will discuss the devices we will use for making the POS framework.

Furthermore, the accompanying areas we will construct, bit by bit without any preparation, each and every module that will be important for our POS framework from HTML, CSS template, Javascript communication and jQuery, along other modules and worker side association utilizing PHP in its variant 7 under the Model-View-Controller(MVC) design with Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) utilizing MySQL information bases.


It is dependent upon you. I surmise that you would take under three weeks to finish it, however it relies upon your accessibility and work process.


Download the material where you can discover the assets for the principal exercise in each segment.

You ought to have an essential information on HTML5 and CSS3, course I offer for nothing on UDEMY: “HTML5 and CSS3 without any preparation”. It isn’t compulsory yet it would be useful for you to know for this task a tad of programming rationale, PHP, Javascript, jQuery and Bootstrap network and classes framework.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for freelancers or entrepreneurs that want to create complex systems with PHP and MySQL and sell them to clients or companies in a business/professional level.

Course content:

  • Introduction
  • Admin LTE and Model-View-Controller
  • User Module
  • Categories Module
  • Products Module
  • Clients Module
  • Sales Module
  • Report and Billing
  • Ticket Printer,cash,bar-code scanner and electronic invoice
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