Create Web Chat App Using Node and SocketIO Free Video Tutorials Download

Create Web Chat App Using Node and SocketIO Free Video Tutorials Download

Create Web Chat App Using Node, A Complete Web Chat App With Private and Group Chat Functionalities Using NodeJS, SocketIO, MongoDB, Express etc Complete Video Course Tutorials for free.

What you will learn in the course:

  • Understand RESTful API Design
  • Use Social Authentication in Apps
  • Dependency Injection Module
  • SocketIO Events
  • Store and Retrieve Data with MongoDB and Mongoose
  • AWS S3 Buckets
  • App Deployment to Production
  • Express Servers and APIs
  • Group Chat Functionality
  • Private Chat Functionality

Web Chat App Using Node and SocketIO Course

Create Web Chat App Using Node and SocketIO Free Video Tutorials

1. Tools For this Course Create Web Chat App Using Node:

  • Install Node
  • Setup Express and Dependable Modules
  • Setup Git Repo
  • NPM Initialization
  • Install Express Framework
  • Install Dependency Injection Module
  • Setup Express
  • Add Express Promise Router
  • Express Configuration Function
  • Setup Users Get Route

2. Users Local Registration Web Chat App Using Node and SocketIO:

  • Add Signup Page and Form
  • User Model and Schema
  • Setup Passport For Local Authentication
  • Passport Local Signup
  • Encrypt Password
  • Signup Post Route
  • Create New User
  • Signup Validation
  • Add Validation Function to Route
  • Display Signup Errors
  • User Login Form
  • Passport Local Login
  • Display Login Errors

3. Update Project and Packages:

  • Github Repo
  • Remove MongoClient
  • Update Express Validator
  • Display SignUp Errors
  • Display Login Errors
  • Fix Mongoose Aggregate Errors
  • Mongoose UpdateOne Method
  • Fix Headers Error
  • Remove Invalid Error Message
  • Check That App Still Works

4. Users Social Authentication:

  • Passport Facebook Strategy
  • Facebook Developers App
  • App Secret File
  • Facebook Passport Middleware
  • Passport Facebook Route
  • Fix Secret File Error
  • Signup User With Facebook
  • Facebook Login
  • Google Signup Button
  • Passport Google OAuth Strategy
  • Google Developers App
  • App Ids Google
  • Google Passport Middleware
  • Passport Google Route
  • Change Google OAuth Scope
  • Signup user With Google

5. Amazon Web Service Buckets:

  • Formidable Module
  • Add File to Local Directory With Formidable
  • Get Amazon Web Service Keys
  • Create AWS S3 Bucket
  • Install AWS SDK
  • AWS Upload File Functionality
  • Upload Any Method
  • Save Club Data to Database
  • Upload File to S3 Bucket

6. Web Chat Group Chat Section:

  • Add Group Chat Route
  • Group Chat Page HTML
  • Navbar Partials
  • Description
  • Install
  • Client
  • Display Username on Modal
  • Listen for Friend Request Event
  • Group Chat Post Route
  • Receiver Document Update
  • Sender Document Update
  • Friend Request Dropdown
  • Get User Data
  • Display Request in Dropdown
  • Friend Request Notification
  • Add Sender Name
  • Accept Request Functionality
  • Update Receiver Function
  • Add Ajax Method to Event
  • Cancel Request Functionality

7. Web Chat App Users Global Event:

  • Add to Favorite Ajax Method
  • Add to Favorite Post Route
  • Create Global Class
  • Emit Global Room Event
  • Emit Global Users
  • Logged in Users Event
  • Display Logged in Friend Name
  • Style Friend Name
  • Global Room Disconnection
  • Logout Functionality
  • Filter Results Page
  • Filter Results Post Route
  • Search Results
  • Replace URL Space

8. Private Chat Section Web Chat App:

  • Private Chat Route
  • Chat Template
  • Fix Private Chat URL
  • Deparam Function
  • Swap Function
  • Emit Private Chat Join Event
  • Display Private Chat
  • Display Username
  • Message Dropdown
  • Display Private Messages in Database
  • Add Data Value Property
  • Update Private Message Collection
  • Display PM on Home Navbar
  • Display PM on Group Chat Navbar
  • Group Chat Message Schema
  • Save Group Messages to Database
  • Fix Name Field in Database
  • Display Group Messages From Database
  • Members Page
  • Search Users

9. Users Profile Section Web Chat Application:

  • User Profile Page
  • New Properties in User Model
  • User Profile Image Upload
  • Upload Profile Image to AWS
  • Profile Page Ajax Method
  • Automatic Display of Profile Pic
  • Favorite Club Ajax Method
  • Save Favorite Club Data to Database
  • Fix Overview Page Issue
  • Display Images
  • Display Images in Dropdown
  • Add CSS to Users Images
  • Display User Image on Private Chat Page
  • Display Friend Request Images

10. Football News Section Build Chat App:

  • Guardian API
  • Add CSS Styles to Date
  • Load More Button CSS
  • Load More Data Functionality
  • Back to Top Functionality
  • Change Animate Time

11. Heroku Deployment Build Chat App Using Node and SocketIO:

  • Helmet and Compression Modules
  • Create Database in Mlab
  • Environment Variables
  • 404 Middleware
  • Git Push
  • Create heroku App
  • Create Procfile
  • Install Forever Module
  • Add Config vars to Heroku App
  • Fix Config Vars Errors
  • Setup Heroku Automatic Deploy
  • Point Domain to Heroku
  • Add Naked Domain
  • Enable Session Affinity

Requirements for the course:

  • Computer on which you can install software
  • Well understanding of HTML and CSS
  • Well understanding of AJAX method
  • Basic understanding NodeJs

We Will building a chat application using:

  • Node
  • Socket IO
  • NPM
  • Express
  • MongoDB
  • Mongoose
  • Amazon Web Service
  • RESTful API Design
  • Asynchronous programming
  • ES6 features like classes
  • Version control with Git
  • Github
  • App deployment with Heroku

During the course you will learn

  • Dependency injection with modules
  • Users local authentication with passport
  • Users social authentication with Facebook and Google
  • Amazon Web Service
  • Uploading files to AWS S3 buckets from your Node.js app
  • MongoDB aggregate method
  • Socket IO emitting and listening for events
  • Group chat functionality
  • Private chat functionality
  • Functionality to send and receive friend requests
  • Real time friend request and message notifications
  • Using third party API
  • App deployment to Heroku

Who is the audience for the course:

  • Who looking to launch their own chat application for other people to use.
  • Anyone with a passionate and enthusiastic mindset to learn.
  • Anyone wanting to train in back-end development.

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