Dart Programming Learn for Flutter Free Tutorials

Dart programming learn for Flutter Free Tutorials For Free, Build strong foundation in Dart programming language. Download complete course for free dart for flutter free video tutorials, online best and free dart programming video course download now!

Dart Programming Learn for Flutter Free Tutorials

What you will learn:

  • Programming logic foundation, read and write Kotlin with condition and control.
  • Concept of OOPS in Dart, as other languages like Java, Kotlin, C++, PHP, C#, Scala, or Swift.
  • Create basic as well as professional Flutter apps using Dart, the new Java-based programming language developed by Google.

Dart Programming For Flutter Free Tutorials Topics:

Dart Setup and required software Installation process.

The first Dart application:

  • Built-in Data Types and variable declarations
  • Conditional Statements
  • Loops or Iterators
  • Functions and Methods
  • Exception Handling
  • Object Oriented concepts
  • Inheritance, Abstract Class, Interface and Polymorphism
  • Functional Programming: Lambdas and Higher-Order Functions
  • Dart Collection: List, Set and Map
  • Callable classes

Short Course Content:

  • Dart Installation: Setup DartPad or INTELLIJ IDEA for Windows, Mac or Linux
  • Dart Hello World : Write your First Dart Program

1. Exploring Variables and Data Types

  • Data Types and Variables in Dart
  • Strings, Literals and String Interpolation
  • Define Constants using ‘final’ and ‘const’ keyword

2. Control Flow Statements

  • IF ELSE Conditional Statements
  • Conditional Expressions
  • SWITCH and CASE conditional statements

3. Loop Control Statements

  • FOR Loop and how it works with Dart
  • WHILE Loop and how it works with Dart
  • DO WHILE Loop and how it works with Dart
  • BREAK Statement with Labelled FOR Loop
  • CONTINUE Statement with Labelled FOR Loop

4. Exploring Functions

  • Functions or Methods. Syntax and Properties
  • Methods or Functions
  • Functions Expressions
  • Optional Positional Parameters
  • Optional Named Parameters

5. Exception Handling

  • How to handle Exceptions?
  • Create custom Exception class

6. Object Oriented Dart Programming

  • Explore Class, Objects, Instance Variables and Reference Variables
  • Constructors: Default, Named and Parameterized

7. Leveraging Object Oriented Dart Programming Concepts

  • Getter, Setter and Private Instance Variables
  • Exploring Inheritance
  • Inheritance Demo
  • Method Overriding: Polymorphism
  • Default and Named Constructors during Inheritance
  • Abstract Class and Abstract Method
  • Interface
  • Static Variables and Methods

8. Lambdas and Higher-Order Functions

  • Exploring Lambdas
  • Exploring Higher-Order Function
  • Closures

9. Dart Collection Framework

  • List: Fixed-length
  • List: Grow_able
  • Set and Hash_Set
  • Map and Hash_Map
  • Callable Classes

Requirements for the course:

  • No previous knowledge on Dart required. We will dive deep from very basics.
  • Just a PC running Microsoft Windows/Linux/Mac running OS.

Who is the audience for the course:

  • You should be eager to learn this awesome programming language!
  • You do not need programming skills, we will start from scratch, heading towards intermediate and then to advanced topics.
  • Anyone who wants to use Dart for existing and new Flutter Apps, get this for yourself.

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