Learn and Go For Data Science and Natural Language Processing (Golang) Free Video Course

Experimenting with Golang For Data Science & Natural Language Processing

Data Science and Natural Language

What you will learn in this course:

  • Using Golang/Go For Data Science
  • Natural Language Processing with Golang
  • Building Simple Web Apps with Golang (GoFiber)

Requirements for this course:

  • Willingness to Experiment with Go in a Thriving Field
  • Basic Understanding of Data Science & NLP Concepts

Description for this course:

Go, likewise know as Golang, is an advanced programming language made by 3 Great people and sponsored by Google to address

specific kinds of issues.

Being one of the quickest developing dialects utilized in the DevOps and Microservices world, can it likewise be utilized for Data Science?

Information Science is being utilized all over the place and has a few applications in reality, for example, Machine Learning Applications to Natural Language preparing and Deep Learning.

As everybody knows and would concur with me,Python is known to be the best language for doing Data Science in this current time, yet can we likewise utilize Golang for doing Data Science?

With every one of the advantages and highlights of Golang – is it simple for amateurs to get Golang and use it for Data Science?

Go is quick, simple to learn and cross viable with an extraordinary simultaneousness include just as a few web frameworks,etc however is it Data Science well disposed?

Presenting Go4DataScience and Go4NLP.

This course looks to investigate and address the difficulties we have in doing Data Science and NLP utilizing Golang for novices.

I accept this is one of the main preparing programs on this stage proposed to perform information science with Golang for novices.

Go For Data Science(Go4Datascience) is the course where Golang meets Data Science i.e, two developing fields meeting up.

Albeit Go has a few Libraries and Package with a huge developing community,I confronted a ton of difficulties when performing information science utilizing Golang. So this course is my endeavor to archive the way toward performing datascience and NLP utilizing Golang.

Go along with me as we analyze together – we will address a ton of difficulties and deficiencies however we will win and prepare for others to think that its simpler for doing information science with Golang.

What you will learn from this course:

  • Learn the basics of Go relevant enough for DataScience and NLP
  • Find out how to read files such as CSV,Txt and PDF in Golang
  • How to Clean data using Regex and more
  • Perform Statistics using Several Packages in Go such as Gonum,Stats,etc
  • Data Analysis and Exploration using Golang via GoTa,etc.
  • Understand NLP concepts and their implementation in a simple way
  • Perform Sentiment Analysis with Golang using Two Approaches
  • Perform Named Entity Recognition in Golang
  • Build NLP and Data Applications using Go Web Frameworks like Go Fiber,etc
  • Perform Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning using GoML, etc
  • Keyword Extraction using Rakes in Golang.
  • And more

Tips for getting through the course:

  • Please write or code along with us do not just watch,this will enhance your understanding.
  • You can regulate the speed and audio of the video as you wish,preferably at -0.75x if the speed is too fast for you.
  • The course is intensive and lengthy but yet exciting and unscripted.
  • Suggested Prerequisites is understanding of Golang and Data Science
  • This course is NOT a ‘Theoretical Introduction to Data Science’ nor ‘Advanced Concepts in Golang’ although we try our best to cover some concepts for the beginner and the pro.
  • Rather it is about experimenting with Golang for performing Data Science and Natural Language Processing.
  • Go4DataScience & Go4NLP.

Get Job ready with Go and DataScience today.

Join us as we explore the world of Golang 4 Datascience and NLP.

See you in the Course,Stay blessed.

Who this course is for:

  • Developers curious about data science and NLP using Go/Golang

Course content:

  • Module 01
  • Module 02 – Go for Natural Language Processing
  • Module 02 – Sentiment Analysis in Golang
  • Module 03 – Data Analysis & Statistics With Golang
  • Module 04 – Go For Machine Learning (Go4ML)
  • Module 05 – Building Data Web Apps With Golang
  • Module 05 – Building Sentiment Analysis NLP App In Go
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