Learn MERN Stack E-Commerce Mobile App with React Native Free Video Course

E-Commerce Mobile App Build E-Shop Mobile App with Admin Panel and Authentication using React Native, Redux, Context API and much more

E-Commerce Mobile App

What you will learn

  • Build a Great eCommerce Mobile Application with React Native, Redux, Node, Express & MongoDB
  • Develop cross-platform (iOS and Android) mobile apps without knowing Swift, ObjectiveC or Java/ Android
  • An actual real-world project built in a linear and progressive manner
  • Great Division of the course so you can pick up FullStack, Frontend or Backend
  • Admin area to manage customers, products & orders from mobile phone!
  • Product search, carousel & more
  • Learn NodeJS API (Backend) Development
  • Learn to Implement Authentication based on JWT
  • Understand the terminology and concepts of Redux
  • Get up to speed with React design principles and methodologies
  • Make truly reusable components that look great
  • Discover mobile design patterns used by experienced engineers

Requirements of E-Commerce Mobile App:

  • Basic Knowledge with Javascript

Description of E-Commerce Mobile App:

E-Commerce Mobile App Building cross-stage versatile applications has gotten less tedious and more powerful with perhaps the most well known systems, React Native.

This isn’t a perusing documentation course. You have here a true undertaking to gain from, and you will see the specific spot of each component of each innovation utilized in this course.

You will figure out how to fabricate a Mobile Application for iOS and Android with MERN stack utilizing React Native.

In this course you will figure out how to utilize advancements like:

  • React Native
  • NodeJs
  • Express
  • MongoDB
  • Redux
  • Context API
  • React Navigation
  • Styled Components
  • And Native Base

You will gain proficiency with the rudiments of building React Native applications. In the first place, you will find how to set up your current circumstance in record time, including how to investigate and run your application on your telephone. At that point, you will investigate the React Native part library and how to style your designs for an extraordinary vibe. At long last, you will dive into how to call a HTTP API from your application.

At the point when you’re done with this course, you will have the fundamental abilities and information on React Native expected to handle beneficial, cross-stage versatile tasks without learning at any rate two new programming dialects.

Additionally, this course is an ideal to the ideas of worker side web advancement. You’ll get familiar with the various parts that make up the back-finish of a site or web application, and you’ll acquire knowledge of the Node.js runtime climate. After this course, you’ll be set up to investigate mainstream Node structures like Express.js to fabricate incredible API’s.

You learn in this course how to utilize mongoDb with no introducing additional instruments, MongoDB is currently on cloud, so you will store your data set in safe spot!

The fundamental highlights:

  • Full included shopping basket
  • Top items merry go round
  • Item pagination
  • Item search include
  • Client profile with orders
  • Administrator item the board
  • Administrator client the board
  • Administrator Order subtleties page
  • Changing the orders states (transported, conveyed ..)
  • Checkout measure (delivering, installment technique, and so forth)
  • Utilizing Database in the cloud

also, considerably more …

Also, not just this, you will have discretionary errands to do and we can survey them for you! Simply get one assignment from the board and make the force solicitation to get the survey, to resemble in a true encounter!

After this course you will have a full working web based business iOS and Android App that you can utilize or add to your portfolio.

Who this course is for:

  • Full stack, Forntend or Backend web developers that want to learn MERN by building a real-world app

Course content of E-Commerce Mobile App:

Introduction of E-Commerce Mobile App:

  • What is MERN Stack?
  • Join our Discord Channel
  • How to Get the Most of This Course
  • Pickup Your Task and We Review it – How this course is interactive?
  • Join Students Tasks Board – Invitation Link + Git Repo
  • Course Outlines

Tools and Environment:

  • Installing NodeJs
  • Installing Expo
  • Installing and running Android Studio
  • Installing and running iOS Simulator
  • Installing our Coding Editor (IDE)
  • Installing PostMan to Test our API’s
  • Configure MongoDB Atlas

Working with Backend:

  • Introduction
  • Overview to our RESTful API
  • File Structure
  • Creating the Backend Server with Express
  • Reading Environment Variables
  • Create First API Call & Parsing Json Data
  • Logging API Requests
  • Installing Mongoose and Connect to MongoDB Database
  • Read/Write Data to Database Using API
  • Analysing the E-Shop Database
  • Create Backend API Routes & Schemas
  • Enabling CORS & Why Do We Need It?

Backend: Products & Categories:

  • Introduction
  • Products Model & Scheme
  • Categories Model & Scheme
  • Add and Delete Categories
  • Get Categories and Category Details
  • Update Category
  • Post a New Product REST API
  • Get a Product & List of Products REST API
  • Population of Category in Get a Product API
  • Update a Product REST API
  • Delete a Product REST API and Validate Id
  • Get Products Count for Statistics Purposes
  • Get Featured Products REST API
  • Filtering and Getting Products by Category
  • Changing “_id” key to “id” – more frontend friendly
  • Section Code

Backend : Users & Authentication:

  • Introduction
  • Users Model & Schema
  • Post/Register a New User REST API
  • Hashing the User Password
  • Get User and List of Users Excluding Password
  • Login a User REST API & Creating a Token
  • Protecting the API and Authentication JWT Middleware
  • Authentication Error Handling
  • Excluding REST API Routes From Authentication
  • Add More Secret User Information to Token
  • Users & Admins – User Role
  • Get User Count REST API
  • Section Code

Backend: Orders:

  • Introduction
  • Orders & Order-Items Model & Scheme
  • Array of Refs – Example of Link Order to Order Items to Products
  • New Order & Create Order Items on Posting New Order
  • Get Order Detail and Populate Products in Order Items and User Data
  • Update Order Status & Delete Order
  • Delete Order Items after Deleting the Order1 question
  • Explaining the Solution
  • Calculating Total Price of one Order
  • Get Total E-Shop Sales using $sum
  • Get User Orders
  • Section Code

Backend: Product Image & Gallery Upload:

  • Introduction
  • Configure Server Side Upload
  • Testing Image Upload with Postman
  • Validating Uploaded File Types
  • Image Upload With Product Post Request
  • Product Gallery Multiple Images Upload
  • Excluding Uploads Folder From Authentication
  • Section Code

React Native Fundamentals: Todo List:

  • React Native Fundamentals
  • Project Setup and Folder Structure
  • Components
  • State
  • Props
  • Style
  • ScrollView and TextInput
  • Add Item
  • Delete Item
  • Expo Menu
  • Section Code

Easy Shop: Products:

  • Intro and Folder Structure
  • FlatList Products
  • Product List
  • Product Card
  • Header
  • Native Base
  • Searched Product
  • Search List
  • LogBox
  • Banner
  • Section Code

Easy Shop: Categories:

  • Categories
  • Category Filter
  • Category Badges
  • Category Container
  • Section Code

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