How to learn Free QBASIC in 2022

QBASIC is a simple user friendly programming language used for the interaction with the computer system. Basically it is an interpreted translated system, it means it uses interpreter to translate the source code. It uses high level language which is beginner friendly and makes better concept of programming language. 

Why only QBASIC?

QBASIC is an high level  language it means QBASIC uses the same language that is used by the humans to communicate with each other and later on translate the source code into machine level language which is understandable by the computer  in short here are few points why should we use QBASIC.


  • It is easier than other programming language.
  • It provides beginner friendly environment
  • It helps to learn other programming language faster
  • It teaches concepts of loops and file handling.
  • It helps to code faster in an friendly way.

How to begin with QBASIC ?

  • First of all we need to download and install the QBASIC file on our computer, You can download it from the official site of the QBASIC or just type QBASIC download  on  your preferred browser or simply click on download button below.  

Top 5 sites to learn QBASIC for free

Qbasic official site also provides free learning courses with its download which are as much simple and easy as using the QBASIC is. It begins its course in an simple and international language “English” which is preferred by almost all of the users. It provides the whole learning syllabus chapter wise which made the concept again much simplest of all. You can enroll this course from the enroll button below.


School freeware is an community made by the people creating freewares and free video tutorial. This group contains the experts who are professional on researching and creating the best contents of all. we can find courses here from downloading upto very advanced level even they update the courses in the regulated time. you can enroll this course from above link or the enroll button below.

petes qbsite is the most popular site made by pete berg, The single people and ran upto 2008 continuously. As everyone works on modern programming languages. He was the only one to promote this powerful language. He provide the content related to the QBASIC as well as free basic and GW basic as well. He also described the alternative versions to QBASIC to use. You can enroll these courses from below.

Ste premo is an mobile app creating software company name . Most of the users use smartphone nowdays and cant afford the computer and laptops. The salient feature of ste premo is it provides mobile application for its learners. The application is of combined as well as separate. The mobile users can use this application for learning QBASIC for free.

Rajlama is also famous for the problem solver of QBASIC. He provides QBASIC educational content on almost every type of problem. He solves the problems commented as well. He provides the syllabus chapter wise and divide into sub-section containing specific course for specific period of time. This is the best and genuine sites for learning QBASIC.

Is there is any career in Qbasic.

There is not much career in QBASIC but it provides the base of coding programmes. There are multiple freelancing sites for providing Jobs like, hirejobs etc and you can create your own youtube channel as a earning source. Our education system also listed QBASIC on syllabus so, there are future possibilities to be an teacher. In short learning QBASIC is not worth enough.

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