Excel Pivot Table Basics Free Course Free Download

Excel Pivot Table Basics Free Course Free Download

Excel Pivot is most useful option Start analyzing data with Excel’s most powerful data analysis tool, Pivot Tables. They’re easier than you think!

Excel Pivot Table Basics

What you will learn

  • Use basic Pivot Tables in Excel
  • Analyze large sets of information
  • Use Excel more efficiently
  • Structure information more effectively


  • How to navigate the Excel ribbon (the menu options in Excel)
  • How to create basic formulas in Excel
  • How to copy and paste information in Excel


What’s this course about

Pivot Tables are one of the most powerful features in Excel. Once you learn how to use Pivot Tables, they’ll change the way you use Excel.

If you’re not familiar with Pivot Tables, they’re a tool that allow you to summarize large sets of information quickly and easily. You can analyze thousands of rows in a matter of seconds that could otherwise take hours trying to figure out using complex formulas.

This is an introductory Pivot Table course and gives the information you’ll need to start using Pivot Tables.

Who this course is for:

  • Students should be relatively comfortable using Excel
  • Students should understand basic mathematical calculations
  • Students that work with lists of information will definitely benefit from this course

Course content

1 Preparing Your Data

  • Introduction to Preparing Your Data
  • Formulas Vs Pivot Table
  • How to Fix Your Data

2 Creating Pivot Table

  • Introduction to Creating Pivot Tables
  • Creating a Pivot Table with our Sample Data
  • Using Multiple Fields to Analyze Your Data
  • Formatting Values
  • Losing Your Field List
  • Summarizing Your Data

3 Lock In Your Knowledge

  • Section Introduction
  • Pivot Table Basics Challenge
  • Challenge Answers
  • Practice Workbook

4 Bonus Lecture: Thank You & Coupon

  • Download the lesson resource to keep learning for just $12.99

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