Full Stack Back-End PHP MySQL Developer Course with Project Tutorials For Free

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Full Stack Back-End PHP MySQL Developer Course with Project Tutorials For Free, Learn PHP MYSQL by building 5plus Projects including PHP Regular Expressions & CMS | Become a Full Stack Back-End Developer Course For Free.

Learn Complete PHP MySQL Tutorials For Free 2020

Full Stack Back-End PHP MySQL Developer Course with Project Tutorials For Free

What you will learn in the course:

  • All PHP Fundamentals and Building Blocks with practical implementation in Projects
  • Form Validation with most Secure way using Regular Expressions
  • Making web pages dynamic with the variety of PHP Techniques
  • Employee Management System CRUD Application in PHP From Scartch
  • Complete CMS ( Content Management System) with Admin-Panel
  • Getting Started with Bootstrap 4 FrameWork from scratch without using any Bootstrap Template
  • Using PHP Sessions in a more sophisticated way and pass information easily on different modules of Project
  • Stunning Blog with Commenting functionality
  • Powerful Web Forms which will be Free of Hack
  • Build Professional CRUD
  • CMS Based Projects
  • Full Coding Exercises
  • Login Logout Admin System
  • Sending Email using PHP
  • Bootstrap 4.2.1
  • PDO
  • URL Tracking
  • Security Techniques on Public pages
  • Font Awsome

Course content:

1. Building Blocks of PHP:

  • XAMP Downloading and Installing
  • Download XAMP
  • XAMP Files and Solving Error
  • Getting the Best Editor
  • Document overview
  • Variable
  • Constants
  • Strings
  • Numbers
  • Arrays
  • Arrays Functions
  • Array Functions
  • Coding Exercises of Course

2. PHP Blocks :

  • Inside Job
  • If Statements
  • Operators
  • For Loop
  • While Loops
  • For-each Loops
  • Switch Statements
  • Branching
  • User Define Functions
  • Re-usability
  • Static Variables
  • Local Variables
  • Global Variables
  • Super Global Variables
  • Super Global Post Variable
  • Form
  • Form Another Working Example
  • Regular Expressions PPT
  • Regular Expressions Creation

3. Form Validation PHP Pro:

  • Form Validation Project Overview
  • Form Validation Project
  • Form Validation Project Adding Constraints
  • Form Validation Project Finishing PHP
  • Form Validation Project Working with CSS
  • For Sending Email
  • Understanding Email
  • Sending Email in PHP
  • Form Validation Project Sending Email

4. Dynamic Web Pages:

  • URL
  • Links
  • Dynamic Web Pages Project
  • Powerful Super Global Variables
  • Cookie PHP MySQL
  • Setting Cookie
  • Un-Setting Cookie
  • Session PHP MySQL
  • Server
  • Employee Management Crud Application:
  • What we are going to do
  • Form Creation
  • Creating Database
  • Inserting Data into DataBase
  • SQL Injection
  • Inserting Completion
  • View From DataBase
  • Showing Data on Update Page
  • Updating Data
  • Deleting Record
  • Search From DataBase

5. NEW CMS 4.2.1:

  • Bootstrap Introduction
  • Connecting Bootstrap
  • Basic Nav of PHP
  • Using Icons
  • Ending Navigation
  • PHP Footer
  • Header PHP
  • Designing Category
  • Creating DataBase
  • Creating Category Table
  • Redirection
  • Creating Session File
  • Finalizing Validation
  • Date and Time
  • Inserting Category in Table
  • Add New Post UI
  • Fetching Categories
  • Basic Validation for Post Page
  • Finalizing New Post Page
  • Designing All Post Page
  • Fetching All Posts
  • Designing Table
  • Limiting Content
  • Designing Public Front-end
  • Showing Posts on Blog Publicly
  • Activating Search Button
  • Full Post
  • Edit Post Extraction
  • Post Updation
  • Delete Post
  • Delete Image
  • Designing Commenting Area
  • Inserting Comment
  • Creating Relation Between Tables
  • Fetching Comments
  • Designing Admin Registration Page
  • Adding New Admin in Db
  • Check Username Existence
  • Designing Login Page
  • Tracking Admin Activities
  • Logout Page
  • Tracking URL
  • Restricting Login Page
  • Comments Page
  • Approve Comments
  • Delete Comments
  • Dis-Approve Comment
  • Delete Existing Category
  • Delete Existing Admin
  • Designing Side Area of Dashboard
  • Showing Insights of Blog
  • Fetching Posts for Dashboard
  • Enhancing Admin Experience on Comments
  • Showing Comment Count on Blog Page
  • Starting Pagination
  • Adding Pagination Links
  • Activating Current Page
  • Creating Forward and Backward Buttons
  • Removing Technical Glitch
  • Filing Content in Side Area
  • Showing Posts According to Category
  • Showing Recent Posts in Side Area
  • Designing My Profile Page
  • Designing Right Area
  • Finishing My-profile Page
  • Designing Public Profile Page
  • Adding PHP to Profile Pag
  • syntax error or undefined variable on some line
  • Source Codes of course
  • login system | function Login_Attempt($Username,$Password) is not working

6. PHP 7 OR PHP 5.6

  • URL Post ID is not getting from URL / Post is not Updating
  • URL error | undefined id error on some line
  • Accessing localhost| http://localhost/dashboard/ and not ‘localhost’
  • Sending Email question
  • No source File for Web Dynamic Project in section7

Requirements for the course:

  • No Knowledge required of PHP. This course will teach students everything about PHP from Scratch
  • Basic HTML
  • PC of-course

Projects Work PHP MYSQL:

  • Regular Expressions
  • Complete Contact Form + Email
  • Dynamic Web Pages (Directory Project)
  • CMS Based Employee Management CRUD
  • CMS + Admin Panel with Stunning blog + FREE Bootstrap 4.2.1

Who is the audience for the course:

  • Complete Beginners
  • PHP Aspirants
  • Designers who want to Start Back-End Programming
  • College Students

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