Learn Full-stack development with Django and react Free Video Course

Let’s build a complete tshirt selling store with payment gateway, Django 3 and modern React js with hooks

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What you will learn from this Course:

  • Full stack development
  • Build an e-commerce application with payment gateway
  • Django 3 with REST API
  • Modern React JS with hooks
  • Build complete application
  • A full tShirt selling store with admin

Requirements for this Course:

  • Basics of python (loops and functions)
  • Basics of Javascript (loops and functions)
  • We don’t expect prior knowledge of Django and react for this course


Welcome to the Complete full-stack web advancement course with Django 3 as backend and ReactJS in the front end. Alongside this, we will utilize an instalment passage to design our shirt selling store.

Full-Stack web advancement is extremely high sought after and in this course, we are bringing 2 of the most well-known programming dialects together, Python and JavaScript. We will begin by introducing python and a virtual climate. After that, we will introduce Django and will deal with the backend. We are utilizing an adaptable methodology of partitioning projects into various Django applications. Further, we will make API from our backend so that in future you can change the front end with no issues. Django advancement is exceptionally quick and you will rapidly acknowledge it.

We will utilize the centre Django structure just as the Django REST system to make backend API. We will likewise figure out how to alter structure with the goal that we can join a custom client in this application

Moving to the front end, first, we will take some brief training in respond, bootstrap and respond route with the goal that you can come to speed. After that, we will make a response project and will structure the front finish to converse with the backend. We will make a measured construction for the front end so that in the future various groups can chip away at the front end as well.

At long last, we will likewise figure out how to coordinate the instalment entryway both at the backend and front finish of the application. We will concentrate on the documentation of the instalment door and stream of instalments. After that client will actually want to put a request from our store.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner in full stack development
  • Beginner in Django
  • Beginner in Reactjs

Course content:

  • Getting Started With Projects
  • Installation For Backend
  • Getting Structure Ready
  • Setting up Categories In Admin
  • Setting up Products in Admin
  • Setting up Custom User in Admin
  • Getting Orders in Admin Django
  • Payment Gateway Backend
  • Moving to Front End
  • React App For Front End
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