Learn Gutenberg Block Development For WordPress With Free Video Course Download

Learn Gutenberg Block Development For WordPress With Free Video Course Download

Welcome in this Learn Gutenberg Block Development For WordPress With Free Video Course Download. The Ultimate Guide to master Facebook Marketing foreCommerce, Learn the best Facebook Ads tactics to succeed.

Create Facebook Ads for E-commerce with Live Project Free Video Course

What you will learn:

  • By the end of this MasterClass you master all facebook Marketing strategies you need to succeed in e-commerce
  • Fundamentals and advanced Facebook Marketing techniques you can use to start or boost your eCommerce business
  • Learn everything about Facebook Marketing, from designing the photos and videos and writing great ad text to mastering retargeting and lookalike audiences

Requirements for this course:

  • A laptop or a PC and an internet connection!


online business is a brilliant income sources shockingly over 90% of individuals attempting to make an effective shopify business simply come up short and quit. The purpose for their disappointments is that they are not holding a candle to the current situation great and productive showcasing procedures.

A few people attempt to depend on the natural traffic of google, they put out certain recordings on youtube, a few articles to a great extent, they may even attempt google advertisements to advance their stores and they sit hanging tight for traffic to come…. well this kind of procedures may work, yet the issue is that those techniques are not adaptable.

On the off chance that you go along these lines, it implies that individuals will get some answers concerning you just when they go to google and quest for your item…

On the off chance that you have attempted Shopify E-trade for some time, you without a doubt realize that Facebook publicizing are the most ideal approach to help your deals and to scale your business, on the grounds that Facebook Advertising are effectively adaptable , once you found a victor you can place it before a huge number of possible clients in a few hours and produce hundreds and thousands of deals… Facebook publicizing make you contact individuals everywhere throughout the world and not just that it makes you reach precisely the individuals who may purchase your item!

Facebook knows your age, your sex, what is your preferred music, your preferred games groups in the event that you have any, your interests, what food do you like.

Course content Facebook Ads for E-commerce:

1.Introduction of Facebook Ads for E-commerce:

  • Why Facebook ads is so important to e-com business and what you will learn here
  • Understand how facebook ads works, what facebook wants to see

2. Introduction to Facebook ads:

  • Understand the CBO (campaign budget optimization)
  • Getting Familiar with the Facebook Ads Dashboard
  • Get Familiar with the Facebook Ads Dashboard

3. Design Unparalleled Photos for your Ads:

  • How to design Stunning photos for your ads
  • How to design your photos with Photopea

4. Design converting videos for your Facebook ads:

  • Create attractive videos for your Facebook ads

5. Facebook pixel Mastery:

  • Understand the facebook pixel
  • How to install a facebook pixel on your store

6.Understand the Campain level:

  • Which objective to choose, the most important decision

7. Master the ad set level:

  • How to choose the best conversion Event and how to calculate your budget
  • What is the best schedule for your Facebook ad
  • Best tactics to choose your target audience
  • All you need to know about optimization and ad delivery
  • Master the ad placements

8. Master the ad level

  • How to set up your ad

9. Facebook ads advanced tactics:

  • How to breakdown your data?
  • How to read data and which metrics are important
  • The secret to succeed your Facebook ad cam-pains
  • How to create an ad with thousands of likes and shares
  • When to kill an ad
  • How to set up a (really) efficient re targeting campaigns
  • When and How to scale your campaigns
  • How to boost your sales using lookalike audiences

Who is the audience for this course :

  • This course is for anyone who want to learn all Facebook Marketing strategies to succeed in e-commerce skills.
  • This course will teach you some Facebook Marketing strategies ground level.

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