How to learn free HTML in 2022

HTML is hypertext markup language used for making the webpages mainly known as a building block of web designing for its easiest technique to be used. It provides the base designing for any site on the frontend. HTML uses the easiest way in the form of tags to write any code within the html. Tag which is started also enclose by the same tag having the back slash on it. 

Who and When the HTML was invented?

HTML is invented by Tim Berners Lee in 1993. TIM Berners Lee is also known as the inventor of WWW in 1955 thus HTML is also the form of WWW.

Who and When invented HTML?

Why should you learn HTML?

  • Easiest way for the beginning of web development
  • Career friendly
  • works within less memory
  • Does not need internet to run every file
  • Can be edited on any text editor
  • Allow to make unique website
  • Versatile on all browsers
  • running own business is easy
  • Allow to link many coding language within it

Major learning sources for HTML

  • Websites
  • Handwritten and printed notes
  • Youtube platform
  • Tuition centre
  • Self study

Top 5 sites to learn HTML for free

Code with harry is an professional web developer and computer software architecture designer well known for his free online coaching and tuition classes related to computer software development. He has also completed his school and college education from Rampur itself. Harry has also mastered at IIT Kharagpur with a bachelor’s degree in M Tech (M Tech) and BTech (B Tech).

Harry has also done internships in several companies. Harry has also done internships in several cities like London, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Harry now works in the company as a software engineer and has many other businesses as well. Harry also has a YouTube channel where he teaches programming and related skills to people.


code with harry

Major focus of Code with Harry

The major focus of code with harry is on the content rather than other editing base. He provides the handwritten notes including the video content. 

w3 school is an online platform for learning any type of computer related courses for free.  w3 has  also made made courses related to the html and html5. it is also known as the biggest platform ever because of its knowledge and server data. Every type of tags and proper details related to it can be gained on this site. we can learn html from basic to advanced on this site. 

Major focus of w3 school

W3 school focuses mainly on tags describing content with the user friendly space.

Tree house is an open source platform for learning any type of programming language for free free free. In short,Treehouse or (Teamtreehouse) is an online technology school that offers beginner to advanced courses in web design, web development, mobile development and game development. Thus being a part of web development committee Html can be freely learnt from this side from basic to advance without any error.

Codecademy is a learning website in an international level for an intermediate level of learners. There is separate space for learning frontend, backend, mobile development. In this website a career path related to frontend allows the user to learn the HTML. The procedure are user friendly and easiest of all. this site is based on the simple view and look. is a “leading online learning company that helps anyone learn business, software, technology, and creative skills to achieve personal and professional goals. Lynda also helps to learn the coding not only for free but also helps to improve the  creativity with the innovative projects sorted in the list according to the advancement level.


Major focus of lynda

lynda teaches with the basis of project work which improves the creative skills

In short its not difficult to be a good front end developer what you need to remember is that a person becomes good web developer with good creativity not coding skills

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