How to learn JavaScript free in 2022

JavaScript is an programming language which allow its users to create multimedia, animate image, upload content, etc and so on. In short java script is the scripting language used on web. JavaScript is an interpreted language and it does not need to be compiled.  Java Script is a  dynamic computer programming language.  JavaScript can update and change both HTML and CSS.


JavaScript history is so powerful and it is made in 1995. At first it was published with an name of Livescript and later on its name was changed into JavaScript. It was made with the purpose of managing data and multimedia into the computer system.

  • First of all it generates the HTML content
  • It can be runned easily in browser and does not need external software
  • Handle data and client calculation
  •  It is very fast and reliable
  • Supports html and CSS to make its performance much better.
  • It help to detect users browser and operating system very quickly
  • JavaScript with react native also helps to make certain mobile applications
  • JavaScript is a case sensitive language
  • It is terminated with the semicolon
  • As it was made inspired from java and other programming language it consists of all concepts related to a lot of languages into a single one
  • Statement Looping
  • Generating HTML content
  • New array funtions
features of JavaScript

Top 10 Uses of JavaScript

  • Smart Watch Applications
  •  Web Development 
  • Web Applications
  • Presentations
  • Web Servers
  • Game 
  • Arts
  • Flying Robots
  • Mobile Applications
  • Server Applications
uses of JavaScript

Some Reasons to learn JavaScript

  • It’s in your browser :-JavaScript is, without query, the default language of the internet. For the reason that browser are a important part of user’s on-line enjoy , it’s smooth to look why JavaScript  is so significant.
  • It also exists of outside of internet :- JavaScript has many uses that go beyond its traditional internet roles. It powers smart televisions, works with the internet of things (IoT), creates native apps for iOS and Android, and builds cross-platform desktop apps, to name a few.
  • It’s the most popular programming language :- JavaScript is the most popular programming language used by professional developers today. Even lower back-end developers choose JavaScript more often than not.
  • JavaScript is easy to learn :- Not best is it a natural language to apply, but JavaScript is likewise smooth to pick out up. JavaScript turns difficult info into abstracts, making things less complicated for the newcomer. In contrast to the better-stage languages, JavaScript has greater of a natural language feel to it.
  • It is versatile :- JavaScript is the most popular programming language used by professional developers today. Even lower back-end developers choose JavaScript more often than not.
  • JavaScript also affects big data and the cloud :- JavaScript object Notation (JSON) is the pass-to traditional for information exchanges on today’s internet. NoSQL databases use JSON files for file garage; and despite the fact that JSON plays nicely with any programming language, it does fine with JavaScript.

    Additionally, more builders are turning to Node.Js to build cloud-based apps, a completely a great deal in-demand marketplace.

What are the steps to learn JavaScript?

  • Start with the basics.
  • Download a code editor or use one online.
  • Use a good online course.
  • Don’t be afraid to practice.
  • Connect with a mentor.
  • Make sure that you take plenty of notes.
  • Understand every line of your code.
  • Always have a reference guide handy.
  • Find people to learn JavaScript with.
  • Make use of different types of resources.

Advantages of JavaScript?

  • Speed
  • Server Load
  • Rich Interfaces
  • Less Overhead
  • Versatility
  • Popularity
  • Simplicity
  • Interoperability

Disadvantages of JavaScript?

  • Browser Support.
  • Rendering Stopped.
  • Single Inheritance.
  • Client-Side Security.
  • Lack of Debugging Facility.
  • Sluggish Bitwise Function.
Advantages and Disadvantages of JavaScript

Top 3 Online sites to learn JavaScript for free

Free path on the basics of coding with JavaScript – with certificates. Make bigger your capabilities reach your capacity and increase your earning with an Alison certificate. Learn about diverse JavaScript tags, operators, arrays, the way to create objects and elements on this free online course.

learn free javascript by alison

Gaining knowledge of the fundamental of JavaScript by means of solving one hundred forty+ interactive coding demanding situations and building 3 fun projects. JavaScript is easy to study. In case you attempt all examples, you’ll learn plenty approximately JavaScript. JavaScript is loose to apply for anybody.

JavaScript by w3schools

Why learn JavaScript? JavaScript is possibly most flexible and famous programming language for web development. JavaScript is the usual programming language for the web, giving interactivity and dynamic design factors of millions of net pages and cellular applications.

brainstation javascript

Why Only JavaScript?

The language and JavaScript runtimes within browsers have come to be very green at walking JavaScript code. So as to keep the backwards compatibility of the internet in widespread, JavaScript is still the handiest supported scripting language supported via all browsers.

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