Learn PSD to HTML 5 Beginner to Advanced Free Video Course Free Download

Learn PSD to HTML 5 Beginner to Advanced Free Video Course Free Download

PSD to HTML 5 modern web development and convert a photoshop design to a responsive animated HTML5 and CSS3 website from scratch


What you will learn:

  • 6 hours of Full-HD video material divided into 46 lectures.
  • Learn to convert a static photoshop design into a completely responsive website
  • Skills to develop a fully responsive website WITHOUT any framework
  • Feel comfortable taking any PSD design and converting it into a fully functional website
  • Learn how to create amazing interactive animations on scroll using JavaScript and CSS3
  • Have a very solid understanding of how PSD and HTML5 integrate and work together
  • Learn clean, modern web design trends and apply them into your projects
  • 25 amazing & trendy finished PSD designs to practice your newly acquired skills on
  • Adaptive and available instructor (24/7) to answer all of your questions ASAP

Requirements of PSD to HTML 5:

  • Basic understanding of HTML & CSS (divs, classes, IDs)
  • Photoshop CS3/CS4/CS5/CS6/CC (or a free-trial)
  • A code editor of your choice (Brackets in my case)
  • Internet connection is required
  • Your favorite chips flavor and a drink!

Who this course is for:

  • Students who plan on becoming web designers in the near future
  • New and aspiring web designers looking to learn a brand new skillset
  • Designers and developers looking to learn how to convert a PSD design to fully functional and responsive HTML5 website
  • Beginners with a limited knowledge of Photoshop interested in web design/development and converting PSD designs
  • Anyone who is interested how Photoshop and HTML5 work together
  • Anyone looking to spice up their PSD conversion skills

Course content of PSD to HTML 5:

Introduction of PSD to HTML 5:

  • Course Outline & What Are You Going to Learn
  • Quick Important Note About Reviews!
  • Pre-Start: Why You’ve Just Made the Right Decision
  • Why PSD to HTML5 is a Must-Have Skill for Any Web Designer/Developer
  • Showcasing the Finished PSD design
  • Showcasing the Final Finished Website
  • Join the Official Facebook Group Here!
  • Join the Official Course Chatroom Here!
  • How to Use the Q&A to Communicate With The Community
  • Reach Out to the Instructor

Environment Setup: Get Your Hands Dirty:

  • Personalizing and Choosing the Right Code Editor
  • Downloading & Installing Photoshop CC Free Trial
  • Setting Up the Project Environment
  • Download the Final Project Files Here
  • Download Free Gift: 25 Finished & Modern PSD designs to Practice Your Skills On

Studying & Preparing the Finished PSD design:

  • Determining The Size & Measurements of Our Project
  • Choosing & Deciding the File/Image Structure to Work With
  • Slicing Up the Design
  • Installing & Implementing Fonts
  • Helper Classes: What Are They and When to Use Them?
  • PSD Design Quiz5 questions

Converting the PSD design Into a Functional Website:

  • Coding the Hero Section: Creating the Markup & the Navbar
  • Styling the Hero Section: Positioning the Content & Polishing the Navbar
  • Styling the Hero Section: Buttons, Floats & Custom Width
  • Coding the App Section: Creating Custom Columns
  • Styling the App Section: Positioning and Polishing the Custom Columns
  • Coding the Nose Section: Writing the Basic HTML Markup
  • Styling the Nose Section: Transferring Colors from Photoshop to CSS3
  • Coding the Footer: Introducing List-Style Footers
  • Styling the Footer: Setting a Background Image to a List-Style Element
  • Coding the Copyright Section: Learn Quick HTML5 Symbols
  • Styling the Copyright Section: Finalizing the Website’s Content
  • Website Design Quiz5 questions

Polishing the Website: Learn to Create Amazing Interactive Animations:

  • Preparations: Installing & Setting Up Famous Animation Libraries
  • Interactive iPhone Turn-on Animation: Preparing Files & Inserting Image Slices
  • Animations Aside: Explaining Z-index and Relative & Absolute Positioning
  • iPhone Animation: Moving the iPhone Around with Basic Positioning Techniques
  • iPhone Animation: Creating the Finalized Animation
  • iPhone Animation: Clicking the Button and Adding Delays with JavaScript
  • Get Your Hands Dirty: Animating the Rest of the Website with WOW.js
  • Animation & Positioning Quiz5 questions

Let’s Make Our Website Responsive:

  • Preparation: Media Queries Explained + Adding Minor Final Changes to the Website
  • Responsive Layout: Making the Hero Section Responsive
  • Responsive Layout: Finishing the Responsive Layout with More Media Queries
  • Navigation Bar: Creating Custom Responsive Navigation Bar from Scratch!
  • Responsiveness Quiz5 questions

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