Introduction-STM32-32-bit-ARM-Based-Microcontroller Free Video Course

32-bit Microcontrollers are rolling the world, Now is the time to start moving from 8-bit low speed to the giant ARM


What you will learn in this course:

  • Things you must know​ about Embedded Systems, STM32 and ARM
  • Program STM32 Effectively
  • ARM Architecture ​
  • Create a fully functional Project in no Time
  • STMicroelectronics and the STM32 platform ​
  • The World of STM32​
  • STM32 Key Features​
  • STM32 Applications​
  • Provide an overview of STM32 MCU family. ​
  • The NUCLEO-L476RG Development​
  • STM32 Development Board​
  • ARM Cortex M-4 Architecture ​
  • ARM Cortex M-4 Memory Maps ​
  • Development Board ​
  • Cortex Overview​
  • Low Power Operation​
  • Safety Features​
  • The Flash Module​
  • Application Examples​
  • Practical Walk through showing the famous STM32 Development Board​
  • Download and Install STM32CubeMX Development Environment​
  • Download and Install Arduino and Configure it for STM32 Microcontroller​
  • How to Write you first code​
  • Boot loader and how to upload it to STM32 Board​
  • Uploading your first code to STM32 Board​
  • Blink an LED​
  • Code Structure explained ​
  • Advance coding examples​

Requirements for this course

  • Basic Knowledge of Programming


32-bit Micro controllers are moving the world, Now is an ideal opportunity to begin moving from 8-digit low speed to the monster ARM <<<

Welcome to this course.

In this inside and out course, you will figure out how to foster inserted firmware for STM32 Cortex-M 32-cycle micro controllers utilizing different improvement apparatuses.

The STM32 series are the absolute most famous micro controllers utilized in a wide assortment of items. They likewise have a fantastic help base from numerous micro controller advancement discussions.

This group of micro controllers from STMicroelectronics depends on the ARM Cortex-M 32-bit processor center.

STM32 micro controllers offer countless sequential and equal correspondence peripherals which can be interfaced with a wide range of electronic parts including sensors, shows, cameras, engines, and so on All STM32 variations accompany inward Flash memory and RAM.

STM32 can be utilized in your Engineering projects, Industrial Projects, or Home Automation related undertakings.

Why you should Learn How to Program STM32?

It’s anything but’s a 32-cycle ARM that less expensive and has more preparing power than a 8-digit Micro controller like PIC, 8051 uC. ARM cortex series are utilized generally in inserted frameworks. ARM likewise upholds highlights, for example, low force mode, thumb guidelines set, some of the time combined with continuous co-processors, and great programming library support.

STM32 series have some great choices that can make them a decent contender for a venture :

  • Equipment similarity with other MCU of various series. For instance, you can plan a PCB that works both with a MCU from the STM32F4xx line and STM32L4xx.
  • The relocation between various MCUs is archived.
  • Simplicity of PCB steering, pins of same port/usefulness is near one another.
  • A decent arrangement of peripherals.
  • STM32L! at the point when power utilization and CPU power are required simultaneously, ST wins the fight.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone looking to improve his embedded systems skills be moving from 8-bit Microcontrollers to 32-bit Microcontrollers
  • Anyone looking to learn ARM and RISC Based Microcontrollers
  • STM32 Geeks
  • Engineering Students – Electronics, Electrical & Computer Science
  • High School Science Students
  • Electronic Geeks, Hobbiest & Art Students
  • Embedded Systems Geeks
  • Anyone interested in learning ARM architecture with a low budget STM32 solution

Course content:

  • Introduction & Getting Started
  • The Word of STM
  • Development Boards
  • Introduction to ARM World
  • ARM Coretx M4
  • Download and Install Software Requirements
  • STM32 Naming and Pinout
  • STM32 Registers
  • Practical Walkthrough: STM32 Development Board
  • Coding STM32 via CubeMx
  • Basic of C Programming
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