Learn JavaScript Tutorial For Beginners Free Video Course Download

Learn JavaScript Tutorial For Beginners Free Video Course Download

Welcome to JavaScript Tutorial For Beginners is a good programmer, become a great one, because that is what matters. Learn JavaScript Tutorial For Beginners Free Video Course Download.

Javascript Tutorial For Beginners

What you will learn :

  • Understand the fundamental concepts in JavaScript
  • Learn problem-solving skills
  • Learn and apply the best practices
  • Avoid common pitfalls and mistakes other JavaScript developers make
  • Write solid JavaScript code

Course content of Javascript Tutorial For Beginners:

1. Introduction to javaScript:

  • Introduction
  • “Hello World” with Javascript
  • Quiz-1
  • Little History
  • Quiz-2
  • Variables
  • Using ‘REPL’ style console
  • Quiz-3
  • Data Types
  • Flavor of Javascript
  • Quiz-4
  • The String data type
  • The Number data type
  • The Boolean data type
  • Comments
  • Operators
  • Expressions
  • Quiz-5
  • ‘if-else’ statement
  • ‘switch’ statement
  • The ‘while’ loop
  • The ‘for’ loop
  • ‘break’ and ‘continue’
  • Quiz-6
  • 2 questions
  • Functions
  • Variable Scope
  • Type Conversion
  • Javascript in a web page
  • Using external Javascript files
  • Quiz-7
  • Assignment-1

2. Objects & Arrays:

  • What are objects?
  • Object properties
  • JSON- Javascript Object Notation
  • The ‘global’ object
  • Quiz – 1
  • Arrays in Javascript
  • Sparse Arrays
  • Arrays as objects
  • Length of an array
  • Iterating over an array
  • Deleting elements of an array
  • Quiz-2
  • Methods in an array
  • Sorting arrays
  • Quiz-3
  • Assignment-2

3. Functional Programming with java Script:

  • Coverage
  • Functional paradigm
  • Higher Order functions
  • Anonymous functions
  • Nested functions
  • Quiz-1
  • Closures
  • Closures – An example
  • List Comprehension – filter function
  • List Comprehension – map function
  • List Comprehension – reduce function
  • Accessing variable number of arguments
  • Quiz-3
  • Assignment-3

4. Object Oriented Programming With Javascript:

  • Coverage
  • Functions as Objects
  • The ‘this’ keyword
  • Quiz-1
  • Constructor functions
  • Using the ‘prototype’ property
  • Inheritance using ‘prototype’
  • Quiz-2
  • Assignment-4

5. Miscellaneous:

  • Coverage
  • Error handling
  • Debugging
  • DOM: Document Object Model
  • Quiz-1
  • A simple slideshow
  • ‘setTimeout’ function
  • Browser events
  • Event bubbling and propagation
  • The event object
  • Quiz-2
  • AJAX overview
  • Using XMLHttpRequest object
  • 08:49
  • Using var keyword for local variables
  • How browsers work
  • Quiz-3
  • Conclusion
  • Assignment-5

Requirements For This Course:

  • No coding experience is required to take this course.

Description of Javascript Tutorial For Beginners :


  • JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages in the world, and growing faster than any other programming language. As a developer, you can use JavaScript to build web and mobile apps, real-time networking apps, command-line tools, and games.


  • JavaScript is a key tool for front-end, back-end, and full-stack developers.
  • The average annual salary for a JavaScript developer is $72,000.
  • Companies like Walmart, Netflix, and PayPal run big internal applications around JavaScript.
  • Having strong JavaScript knowledge will help you land your dream job.


  • This course is your first step towards a new career in web or mobile development. Here is what you get when enroll in this course:
  • 6 hours of HD videos
  • Bite-sized and easy-to-digest videos with “no fluff”
  • 30 exercises and challenges with solutions
  • Expert tips to become a JavaScript wizard
  • No more wasted time on disconnected, out-of-date tutorials
  • Learn at your own pace – take your time if required
  • Unlimited access – watch the course as many times as you wish
  • 30-day money-back guarantee – try it risk free! You have nothing to lose.
  • Certificate of completion to present to your current or future employer


There are several JavaScript courses So, what makes this course different? Here are 5 reasons:

  • Taught by a senior coder and best-selling instructor – Mosh Hamedani
  • Mosh has 17 years of experience as a software engineer
  • He has produced 19 courses and many of them are best-selling courses
  • He has taught over 200,000 students in 192 countries
  • No fluff or unnecessary repetition – don’t waste your time on long courses
  • Clear, concise, and practical training – start coding right away
  • Learn how to think like a programmer – most, if not all, courses just teach you JavaScript features, not the art of problem solving
  • JavaScript interview questions – many of the exercises in the course are picked from popular interview questions
  • Fun and engaging – just read Mosh’s reviews and see what his students have to say


  • Aspiring developers – perhaps you learned a little bit of HTML and CSS and want to take your first JavaScript programming course. This course is an ideal starting point.
  • Experienced developers with no degree in computer science – there are a lot of self-taught web developers out there who cannot solve basic programming problems, because they never attended a college. Don’t be one of those! This course teaches you the fundamental programming skills that every developer must know.
  • Anyone who wants to better understand JavaScript – chances are you’ve taken another course but didn’t understand certain topics well. You can take this course to fill the gaps and strengthen your understanding of JavaScript.


  • You don’t need familiarity with JavaScript to take this course. You’ll learn everything from scratch, step-by-step. A very basic familiarity with HTML will be helpful but it is not required.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to become a web developer
  • Existing developers who need to strengthen their understanding of JavaScript

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