Learn JavaScript With Building Cryptocurrencies Free Video Course Free Download

Learn JavaScript With Building Cryptocurrencies Free Video Course Free Download

Javascript Complete web app solutions with a major JS development platform (Angular)


What you will learn :

  • Code a JavaScript cryptocurrency and it’s underlying blockchain with Angular!
  • Understand and use of cryptocurrency technology in real world applications
  • Work with blockchain concepts in real code
  • Understand the most important aspects of viable blockchain design
  • Discover how cryptocurrencies utilize blockchain
  • Learn the Proof of Work protocol for securing the blockchain
  • Implement security protocols in an Angular blockchain project
  • Create block validation logic in JavaScript and Angular
  • Discover the leading cryptocurrency design concepts used in today’s most popular cryptocurrency networks … and much, much more!

Requirements For This Course :

  • Before taking this course, a student should ideally (but not absolutely) have some experience in:
  • Creating applications with Javascript and Angular
  • Some exposure to cryptocurrencies, either via the markets or from a technical standpoint
  • JavaScript development of complete web app solutions with a major JS development platform (Angular)

Description Of Javascript:

Any IT expert or specialist foreseeing a strong comprehension of how digital money innovation functions and wants a comprehension of crypto’s utilization cases and potential (counting blockchains and dispersed applications) needs to experience this course to use cryptographic money in new or existing improvement ventures. Anybody craving to figure out how digital money arrangements are planned, designed, and grew needs the knowldege and practice introduced in this course. This not just incorporates web, versatile, and administration application engineers, yet in addition draftsmen, UI architects, analyzers, and heads. This course gives a strong comprehension of how crypto and blockchain innovation functions and a strong establishment for stage assessment and learning lower level subtleties.

Who this course is for :

  • This course was built for forward-looking developers who create solutions for mobile, web, and beyond. This course is designed for those developers who want to begin working with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology and need a good springboard to start their descent into this deep and detailed set of technologies, theories, and implementations. This course focuses on the outstanding components of cryptocurrency technology and weaves them together to create a solid understanding of the crypto stack component’s interactions and dependencies. Of course, the info presented here is just as valuable for architects, testers, and product managers as they too should understand how blockchain products are designed and used to create the next level of distributed ledger tech.
  • This course IS NOT intended for non-technical students. The content presented is in the context of technical review.

Course Content Of Javascript:

1. Introduction of Javascript:

2. Welcome to Building Cryptocurrencies with JavaScript:

  • Starting with Blockchain Tech
  • What we will learn
  • Blockchain Technology
  • A Development Environment

3. Building the Crypto Blockchain:

  • A Block Class
  • The Blockchain Class
  • The Component
  • Proof of Work
  • Mining
  • Rewards
  • Block Validation

4. Crypto Comes to Life:

  • Angular Material Styling
  • Wallets
  • Transactions
  • Activity Simulation

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