Learn Kotlin for Beginners: Programming With Kotlin Free Video Course

Learn Kotlin from scratch! Grasp object-orientation and idiomatic Kotlin to realize coding projects and Android apps!

 Programming With Kotlin

What you will learn in this course:

  • Create professional applications using Kotlin, the new Java-based programming language developed by Jetbrains
  • Understand the concepts of the Kotlin language and how it integrates neatly with Java
  • Understand the basics of object-oriented software development, the most important development paradigm
  • Understand the principles behind other object-oriented languages like Java, C++, PHP, C#, Scala, or Swift
  • Use Intellij, the popular Java (and Kotlin) IDE, to write code effectively and professionally
  • Read code and write your Kotlin code as well

Requirements for this course:

  • We will go through all setup you need in order to use Kotlin
  • You must be able to install new software on your computer (JDK + IntelliJ), we will go through the actual process inside the course.

Description for this course:

This is the lone Udemy course that is referred to from the authority Kotlin site just as the authority Android designers site for individuals who need to learn Kotlin, regardless of whether for Android or different purposes!

Learn programming in Kotlin, the most excellent current programming language dependent on Java!

Join this amateur cordial course to figure out how to compose code with a magnificent and simple to-learn language!

Expand your aptitude as a Java or Android Developer and work on the nature of your code!

I’ll address each question you have, help you by and by on the off chance that you stall out and pay attention to your input! Join 15,000+ cheerful understudies of mine on Udemy!

This course will show you programming in Kotlin! We start with the fundamentals so this course is totally appropriate for fledglings. You will incorporate what you realize in a few coding difficulties. So toward the end, you’ll have the option to make your own applications in Kotlin.

In case you’re an Android engineer, you can utilize this course to find a good pace with this amazing language. Kotlin will permit you to keep a cleaner and more expressive code base, use ideas that go past even Java 8, and compose more powerful applications for Android.

Themes covered include:

  • Factors and nullable sorts (invalid security)
  • Conditionals: if and when
  • Circles: for and keeping in mind that
  • Capacities
  • Item direction: classes, objects, interfaces, legacy and so on
  • Information classes (a helpful component in Kotlin)
  • UPDATE: more item direction + twofold and hexadecimal numbers
  • UPDATE: the data concealing standard + generics

This course likewise covers object-direction, the significant advancement worldview you need to get a handle on in this day and age. In any case, we will likewise take a gander at utilitarian programming ideas that will make your life a lot simpler.

When you comprehend these, you can likewise comprehend other item situated dialects, including Java, PHP, C++, C#, Scala, or Swift. They all utilization this equivalent essential standards.

Who this course is for:

  • You do not need programming skills, we will start from scratch and slowly make our way to intermediate and more advanced topics
  • You should be excited to learn an awesome new programming language!
  • You will need basic skills in handling a PC, so you should know how to install and run applications on your computer.
  • Android developers who want to get started with Kotlin

Course Content:

  • Welcome!
  • What is Kotlin?
  • Getting the tools
  • Getting Started With Kotlin!
  • Conditional Statements
  • Arrays and Lists
  • Lucky Loop
  • Congrats Novice!
  • Functions
  • Object – Oriented Programming part – |, || and |||
  • Binary and Hexadecimal Numbers
  • |/O — Input and Output
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