Learn A To Z Android Oreo Build 25+ Apps Free Video Course Download

Learn A To Z Android Oreo Build 25+ Apps Free Video Course Download

learn a to z android oreo build 25+ apps free video course, Best android course for beginners, Android 7.1 development Become an Android developer, by making more than 25+ Android mobile apps.

Learn A To Z Android Oreo Build 25+ Apps Free Video Course

What you will learn in the course:

  • Kick start into a new career with your new Android development skills and knowledge!
  • Learn the skills needed to obtain a new career developing Android apps
  • Step by step learn how to put Android applications together
  • Work more efficiently with Android development by learning the best tools and practices
  • Earn more with your new Android development skills
  • Learn how to develop apps for Android phones and tablets
  • Create your own professional quality Android apps
  • Join a large group of people who really understand Android Lollipop and are Android enthusiasts
  • Deploy Android app to the Google Play store
  • Crack your Interview for a job anywhere in the world
  • Feel proud with your new knowledge of Android app development

Short Overview of the course:

learn a to z android oreo free video course

  1. Android Studio Installation
  2. Hello World using Android Studio
  3. Log-Cat and it’s Crucial Role for Application Development
  4. Android Buttons and it’s Various Types of Event Listeners
  5. Overview of Service, Broadcast Receivers, Intents, Activity and Content Provider
  6. Explicit Intents : Its all Three methods in detail
  7. Activity Life-Cycle – In Context of TWO Activities
  8. Toast and it’s alignment
  9. Screen orientation and it’s attached life-cycle
  10. Screen Orientation Preserve the Variables and Widgets Value
  11. Relative Layout App Designing with Graphics
  12. Multiple Screen Support Layout Designing and Button Selectors
  13. Linear Layout – App Designing with Graphics
  14. Developing of ANDROID INTERVIEW App – Continues..
  15. Strings.xml – Storing String Array in it and Decoding it in Java Class
  16. Developing of ANDROID INTERVIEW App – Continues…
  17. Adding Custom Title Bar or Action Bar
  18. Text to Voice Conversion
  19. Implicit Intent – Various types
  20. Miscellaneous Android Videos
  21. Publishing and Updating App in Google PlayStore
  22. Miscellaneous Android Videos
  23. Radio Button and Custom Radio Button with Graphics
  24. Check-Box and Custom Check-Box with Graphics
  25. Implicit Intents – Various Examples
  26. Notifications – Normal-View, Big-Picture, Big-Text & Inbox Style Notifications
  27. Apply Animation in your Apps
  28. Animation Sets and Interpolators
  29. Property Animation – Robust animation
  30. Lollipop Material Design and Android Toolbar
  31. Lollipop RecyclerView and CardView

Requirements for the course:

  • A PC or a Mac is required to use for development apps
  • A real device is NOT REQUIRED. This course let you make use of Android Virtual Device or Emulator to deploy Android apps and debug it efficiently.

Description: Learn A To Z Android Oreo Build 25+ Apps Free Video Course:

You are going to build android apps from scratch by step by step tutorials designed in such a way that a real noob can also start making apps in professional way. You will start off by building basic apps, and progress to more complex apps by inculcating more complex advance features in you application. The apps you will create, you will be shown how to publish those apps in the Google Playstore and reach billions of Android users world wide.Also, learn how to monetize your application and earn thousands of dollars. How to prepare your play-store listing and also, how to make your apps rank higher in play-store search engine. This is the best android oreo app development course ever in internet also course for free offered by howToFree.Org download now!.

Who is the audience for:

  • This course targets the absolute beginners as well as coding aspirants who want to enter into the world of Mobile apps and development with brand new Android Lollipop functionality.
  • No coding experience is needed
  • Web developers looking to get into mobile
  • Anyone with a good idea and the drive to create it
  • Ideal for complete beginners!

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