Adobe Illustrator CC – Essentials Training Course

Learn Adobe Illustrator CC graphic design, logo design, and more with this in-depth, practical, easy-to-follow course!

What you will learn from this Course:

  • You will be able to add Illustrator to your CV
  • You will be able to start earning money from your Illustrator Skills.
  • Feel comfortable using Adobe Illustrator to design your own graphics from scratch.
  • Navigate Adobe Illustrator CC like a pro.
  • Design your own graphics, without any experience.
  • Draw beginner to advanced shapes and icons.
  • Learn all of the key skills of Illustrator: shapes, text, masking, effects, and exporting.
  • Master advanced Illustrator tools and techniques.
  • Export your projects for print, web, or other design projects.
  • Make your ideas come to life.
  • Create your own logos.
  • Draw existing famous logos.
  • Illustrate animals.
  • Draw with paint brushes.
  • Draw with pens & pencils.
  • Create custom typography.
  • Take hand drawings and recreate them using Illustrator.
  • Create a logo badge with text that wraps around.
  • Create type that follows a curving line.
  • Put images inside of text for cool effects.
  • Create beautiful gradients and apply them to icons, text & illustrations.
  • Find the secrets to choosing color combinations for your work.
  • Create a paper cut effect.
  • Pull, push & cut text to make interesting styles.
  • Repeat patterns to create vector flowers.
  • You will redraw yourself as an illustration.
  • Create many different icons styles.
  • Build a repeating pattern to be used as wallpaper or fabric designs.
  • Find many templates for posters, stationery & UI designs to save you time.
  • You will build create assets like colors, patterns & drawings using the Illustrator mobile app.

Requirements for this Course:

  • Any version of Adobe Illustrator, preferably the CC (Creative Cloud) version.
  • No prior knowledge or experience with Illustrator is required


Make logo plans, symbols, characters, surfaces, text-based designs, representations, and full visual computerization abilities in Adobe Illustrator CC!

This course was intended for the total amateur, with training records and fun tasks to make you make a move. All through this Illustrator CC course, you’ll be planning your own true tasks that are proficient and rouse you to do considerably more!

Keith: “This course is remarkable! I avoided Illustrator for a long time since I was scared by it. Presently, I am invigorated by it and what it can do and am viewing the examples as exceptionally enlightening and instructive. Am most certainly anticipating completing this course and seeing where I can go from hereā€¦”

What will you realize in this Adobe Illustrator CC course?

  • Start by understanding the Adobe Illustrator work area and instruments
  • Jump into making your own shapes and lines
  • Utilize the pen and curve instrument to work on your plans
  • Advance your illustrations with strokes, pencils, and brushes
  • Accelerate your work process with the shape manufacturer apparatus
  • Adjust and appropriate items to make astonishing foundations and surfaces
  • Add and adapt the text to your activities
  • Make lovely illustrations with covers and compound shapes
  • Get innovative with impacts and progressed methods
  • Get shading and how to utilize it like a master
  • Save and commodity your tasks for any sort of venture

Certifiable Skills + Fun Illustrator Projects

Plan your own astonishing illustrations while acquiring new abilities. This Adobe Illustrator CC course is jam-loaded with undertakings and venture records for you to track.

Become a Professional Graphic Designer utilizing Adobe Illustrator CC

With the abilities acquired in this course, you’ll have a profoundly wanted expertise that can assist you with landing positions and bring in cash as a visual creator.

Adobe Illustrator is the business standard application with regards to visual computerization, so you must learn it assuming you need to be an expert creator.

Christopher: “I just completed this course. I had ZERO involvement in an Ai and I feel that this would have been the best way to get to know the product. In addition to the fact that I was new to Ai, I was new to the Mac I bought explicitly for this product. The clarifications were right on the money particularly while clarifying the order contrasts among Mac and PC.”

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to start using Illustrator in their career & get paid for their Illustrator skills.
  • Newbies, amateurs, graphic designers, motion graphics artists and any creatives who want to design their own graphics from scratch.

Course content:

  • Introduction to Adobe Illustrator Essentials
  • Drawing in Adobe Illustrator CC
  • Type & Fonts in Adobe Illustrator CC
  • Color in Adobe Illustrator CC
  • Masking in Adobe Illustrator CC
  • CC Libraries
  • Effects & Patterns in Adobe Illustrator CC
  • The Capture App
  • Free Templates
  • Exporting From Adobe Illustrator CC

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