Learn Complete Backbonejs Free Video Tutorials

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Right now in this course you will learn total backbonesjs free video tutorials with exercises || An assortment of hands-on, bit by bit, scaled down Backbone instructional exercises covering essentials of Backbone.

Learn Complete Backbonejs Free Video Tutorials

What you will learn in the course:

  • Write clean, splendidly organized, viable and testable Javascript code
  • Build rich customer applications with Backbone.js
  • Build Single Page Applications with Backbone.js
  • Test Javascript code with Jasmine.js
  • Moduarlize Javascript code with Require.js

Short Course content Over view:

How to free learn BackboneJS tutorials!

BackboneJS tutorials
  • Introduction of BackboneJs
  • BackboneJS Models
  • Collections of BackboneJS
  • Views of BackboneJS
  • Events BackboneJS
  • Routers BackboneJS
  • Modularizing Backbone Applications
  • Testing Backbone Applications
  • Developing an App with Backbone
  • Appendix BackBone JS

Requirements for the course:

  • Only basic understanding of Javascript and jQuery.
  • Desire to learn!

Description of the course:

You will learn the basic building blocks of Backbone and what they are used for. Then, I’ll show you a real-world example of an application built with Backbone and explain how those building blocks work together in action.

Who is the audience for the course:

Any front-end developer who wants to write clean, structured, maintainable and testable Javascript codeAny front-end developer who wants to develop rich client applications.

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