Learn Complete Blazor Course – e-Commerce App & Clean Architecture Free Video Course

ASP.NET Complete Blazor Course In Depth & Build an e-Commerce Web Application with Clean Architecture


What you will learn from this course:

  • Build a e-commerce application with Blazor, Dapper and SQL Server database using Clean Architecture
  • Basics of ASP Dot NET Core Platform
  • Razor Components: Data Binding, 3 types of Parameters, Reference Child Components, RenderFragment, Event Lifecycle and State Management with Observer Pattern
  • Forms Submission, Validation and Validation Message Display
  • Learn built-in Authentication in Blazor as well as cookie authentication
  • Learn Dependency Injection to get ready to learn about Clean Architecture
  • Learn a use case driven, plugin based Clean Architecture inside out with Theory and by building the application. You will be able to use clean architecture in your own projects.
  • Create two type of data stores (In-Memory plugin and Dapper plugin) with repository pattern as plugins following clean architecture
  • SQL Basics and Connect C# to SQL with Dapper
  • Requirement Analysis and Software Design

Requirements for this course:

  • Basic HTML
  • Intermediate C#
  • Good understanding of OOP, esp. the usage of interface (although Dependency Injection is thoroughly covered in this course)
  • It is best if you have a little bit experience with ASP Dot Net Core. But don’t worry too much, I will help you with that too.


ASP.NET Core Blazor (.NET 5 Blazor) is Microsoft most recent SPA application system. With Blazor you can assemble responsive full stack single page web applications with C# absent a lot of help from JavaScript. Blazor depends on existing developed advances like SingalR, WebAssembly and ASP.NET Core. It is being received or has effectively been embraced by most organizations that uses Microsoft advances. On the off chance that you need to get utilized in these organizations, realizing how to fabricate applications with Blazor is required or will be required very soon alongside Razor pages, MVC and Web API.

Kindly NOTE: This course is for learning Blazor and Clean Architecture while building an internet business application. The internet business application we are building isn’t full highlighted and DOES exclude things like installment, delivering, it incorporates item posting, putting in requests and preparing orders as administrators.

In this course with 9 areas, in excess of 70 talks and around 8 hours of content, you won’t just follow me bit by bit and expert Blazor, however you will likewise work with me carrying out a decent estimated web based business web application following Clean Architecture, beginning from necessities examination, programming plan, right to the last execution.

The course covers the following technical topics:

  • ASP.NET Core Platform
  • Every aspect of ASP.NET Blazor
  • Components State Management
  • Dependency Injection
  • Authentication and Authorization with ASP.NET Core Identity
  • Custom Cookie Authentication
  • AutoMapper
  • Dapper
  • SQL Statements
  • HTML
  • Bootstrap
  • Requirements Analysis and Software Design
  • Clean Architecture
  • Repository for encapsulating data accessing details

By the end of the course, you will:

  • Know every aspect of Blazor in depth.
  • Be able to independently build web applications with Blazor.
  • Be able to analyze requirements and design software.
  • Understand and be able to Implement Clean Architecture.
  • And much more…

You will fabricate a decent measured genuine got web based business application with me. Together, we will construct both the client entrance that permits clients to peruse items index, add items to shopping basket, place orders and administrator gateways that permits storekeepers to login and deal with the orders.

In the wake of following the exercises and activities in this course, you will have a decent comprehension of ASP.NET Core stage and you will actually want to make single page web applications with Blazor Server. You will likewise have a decent comprehension of Clean Architecture and have the option to utilize what you have found out about engineering in your own venture. Toward the finish of the course, you will end up being a full stack web designer realizing how to make web applications with Microsoft’s most recent application structure: ASP.NET CORE 5 Blazor.

Regardless of whether you’re new to ASP.NET Core Blazor or have worked with it for a piece, yet are searching for a course to fill in the holes, you will appreciate this course. Since this course cover the essentials, however goes into every theme top to bottom.


Halfway C# (you ought to have no less than 3 – a half year experience programming in C#)

Essential HTML

Past information on ASP.NET Core is ideal to have, yet it’s anything but needed since I will cover it in the course.

The Course Structure and Details

In the initial two areas, we will find out about Blazor by making part of the online business web application without hearing me going on and on about every subject of Blazor. The motivation behind this is to quick track your learning encounter and furnish you with a strong establishment of coding web applications with Blazor.

In the third segment, I will go through every one of the points about Blazor individually top to bottom.

Beginning from the fifth segment, we will together execute both the client entrance and the administrator entryway of our web based business with confirmation and approval.

While carrying out the arrangement, you will hear me cover Clean Architecture and you will perceive how I execute a Use Case Driven and Plugin Based clean design that is profoundly testable and amazingly adaptable for future expansions. I will show you how I do it and clarify why I do it unquestionably. In the event that you truly follow these active segments and carry out the venture with me, you will gain so much from the way toward building this true application.

In this course, both the shopping basket and Data store (data set) will be carried out as modules. We will carry out two sorts of information store modules: an in-memory information store and a SQL Server information store with Dapper as the miniature ORM. You will see unmistakably that it is so amazing to construct arrangements with this sort of design. (Disclaimer: Architectural decisions ought to be put forth defense by case, I don’t propose you to follow my design introduced in this course in all ventures. Investigation is required constantly.)

Who this course is for:

  • C# developers who want to become full stack developers without the hassle of mastering JavaScript.
  • Developers who work with Razor pages and/or MVC along with front end frameworks/libraries and would prefer work with less JavaScript.
  • Developers with some experience  in Blazor who is looking for a comprehensive course to fill in the gaps.
  • Developers who are curious about Microsoft’s newest SPA application framework: Blazor.
  • Developers who want to learn about implementing Clean Architecture.

Course content:

  • Getting Started
  • Start Developing our e-commerce App
  • ASP.NET Core Blazor IN-Depth
  • Dependency Injection
  • Build Customer Portal
  • Build Admin Portal
  • Add Authentication and Authorization
  • Connect C# to SQL DB with Dapper
  • Implement a new Data Store Plugin with SQL and Dapper
  • How to Run Attached Source Code
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