Learn Complete Node JS Free Video Tutorials Download

Learn Complete Node JS Free Video Tutorials Download

Learn complete node js free video tutorials download, 2020 best node js video course, Create & Deploy High Performance Node JS Apps on the Cloud and More ! Learn Complete Node JS Free Video Tutorials Download.

Learn Complete Node JS Free Video Tutorials

What you will learn in the course:

  • Build High Performance and Scalable Apps using Node JS
  • Learn about ES6 with my free eBook – ECMAScript 6 Quick Bytes
  • NodeJS Streams to write a Web Server
  • The Node Package Manager (NPM) for managing dependencies
  • Use the Express 4 Framework for building Node JS Apps
  • Use the EJS templating language
  • Understand MongoDB as a NoSQL Database
  • Create & Use MongoDB Databases using services like MongoLab
  • Create Real-time Apps that use Web Sockets
  • Upload & Resize Images using Node JS
  • Integrate Authentication using Social Media Sites like Facebook
  • Structure the NodeJS app into modules
  • Create and Deploy EC2 Cloud Server Instances on Amazon Web Services
  • Create and Use Amazon’s S3 Storage Service with NodeJS
  • Use Amazon’s Cloud front Service
  • Using Amazon’s Elastic IP
  • Configure Security Groups, Ports & Forwarding on Amazon EC2
  • Developed NodeJS app on the EC2 Instance
  • Deploy a NodeJS app on Heroku
  • NodeJS app on Digital Ocean
  • Install & Deploy NGINX as a Reverse Proxy Server for NodeJS Apps
  • Configure NGINX as a Load Balancer
  • Learn about Enterprise Integration
  • Create an app using the incredible Hapi framework
  • More about logging using the Hapi framework
  • Learn to use ES6 with Nodejs
  • Install & Deploy Apache Apollo MQ with Nodejs and a Python Script

Project Oriented Learning we are going to make these projects:

  1. ChatCAT
  2. PhotoGRID

Short Overview of Course content:

Learn all about NodeJS Complete Tutorials

  • Installing NodeJS
  • NodeJS Fundamentals
  • MongoDB
  • NodeJS Frameworks
  • ChatCAT – Creating a Realtime Multiroom Chat App & Deploying it on Heroku
  • Node.JS on Amazon Web Services
  • NodeJS and NGINX
  • Enterprise Integration | ES6 | HapiJS

Requirements for the course:

  • Working knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript
  • Basic Working knowledge of an image editing application such as Adobe Photoshop would also help, but is not necessarily needed.

Who is the audience for the course:

  • Understand the inner workings of NodeJS
  • Web Designers & Front End Developers who wish to extend their knowledge of Javascript for building high performance network applications.
  • Software Developers who want to build high performance network applications.
  • Absolute beginners with basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript, wanting to upgrade to professional Web Development and Building Web Apps.
  • Anyone who wishes to get hands-on training with setting up an Amazon EC2 Instance with a host of other services like Cloudfront, Elastic IP and S3
  • Anyone who wishes to get hands-on training with deploying a NodeJS app on the cloud
  • Computer Engineering students
  • Tech Entrepreneurs who want to get their hands down and dirty with Web Coding & App Development.
  • Anyone who wishes to stay on the forefront of technology !
  • PHP, ASPnet, Perl, Java & Ruby coders wanting to leap onto the NodeJs bandwagon.

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