Learn Complete NPM – Node.js Package Manager Tutorials For Free

Learn Complete NPM Node.js Package Manager, Learn how to use NPM in Node.js, how to install NPM packages, how to configure NPM scripts and more..

Learn Complete NPM - Node.js Package Manager Tutorials For Free

What you will learn in the course:

  • Initialize any project using NPM init
  • Install project dependencies
  • Understand what is the difference between dependencies and development dependencies
  • Explain what is Semantic Versioning and what different kinds of packages versions mean
  • Explain difference between Browser Application and Server Package
  • Understand purpose of the “package-lock” file
  • Update project dependencies
  • Configure NPM scripts and execute them
  • Combine NPM scripts into the one script
  • Explain what is executable script and how it is executed on the Mac and on Windows

Learn Complete NPM – Node.js Package Manager Tutorials For Free

Short Course Content Overview:

1. Intro NPM Node.js

  • Course Navigation
  • Practice Exercises (IMPORTANT)
  • -Introduction to the NPM
  • Exploring NPM packages
  • Package.json and init
  • Semantic Versioning

2. Installation of the NPM packages

  • Packages Installation
  • Install package in the project
  • Semver package Install
  • Install Browserslist – package with own dependencies

3. Dependencies vs Development Dependencies

  • Dependencies and Development Dependencies
  • Examine Development Dependencies
  • Browser App vs Server Package
  • lock Browser Application
  • Browser App vs Public Package

4. NPM packages versions and package-lock.json file

  • Exploring Package Information and Versions
  • Installing Specific Package Version
  • Why package-lock.json file is needed?
  • Reinstall old package version without lock file
  • How lock file is handled

5. Updating NPM packages

  • Update NPM packages overview
  • Update project dependencies

6. NPM Scripts

  • Introduction to the NPM scripts
  • Start NPM script
  • Create prestart script
  • Run NPM scripts simultaneously

7. Executable scripts in the NPM

  • NPM .bin Folder with Executable Scripts
  • Explore .bin Folder on the Mac
  • Explore .bin Folder on Windows
  • NPM Scripts Wrap-Up

Requirements for the course:

  • Basic JavaScript knowledge is desirable but not required
  • Any computer – Mac or PC

Who is the audience for the course:

  • JavaScript developers who want to know how to properly use NPM.
  • Who have a Desire to learn.

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