Learn Computer Vision with OpenCV Deep Learning CNN Projects Free Video Course

Learn Python OpenCV 4,Computer Vision and Deep Learning Projects from scratch to expert level| Deep Learning CNN Project


What you will learn:

  • Computer vision and Image Processing
  • Image Processing operations using Opencv
  • Face Detection and work with Live Camera
  • Convolutional Neural Network Concept
  • Project-Handwritten digits Classifier
  • Project: Dogs vs Cats classifier
  • Project: Real time Object Detection using YOLOv3
  • Project: Social Distancing Detector COVID-19
  • Project: MNIST Fashion Classifier

Requirements for this Course:

  • Basic programming skills in Python would be beneficial.
  • WebCam if you want to learn the video streaming con


OpenCV-Python is a proper instrument for quick prototyping of Computer Vision issues.

Active Computer Vision with OpenCV without any preparation to ongoing undertaking improvement.

PC Vision is the most blazing field in the time of Artificial Intelligence. It is making huge advances in Self-driving vehicles, Robotics, Medical just as in different picture amendment applications.

PC Vision is showing us the eventual fate of innovation and we can’t envision what will be the finish of its prospects.

OpenCV library utilizes NumPy and all its exhibit structures convert to and from NumPy clusters.

OpenCV is utilized to foster ongoing PC vision applications. It is equipped for preparing pictures and recordings to recognize items, faces, or in any event, penmanship.

You will become familiar with the subjects:

The critical ideas of PC Vision and OpenCV

Fundamental activities: Image read and show, Image Properties, Image resize and compose, ROI and Color Mapping, Horizontal and Vertical flipping of pictures.

Attracting capacity OpenCV

Working with Live Camera

Item location: haarcascade face recognition in pictures and Live camera

Convolutional Neural Network (CNN)

Profound Learning with Keras

Venture: Handwritten Digit Classification utilizing MNIST

Undertaking: Fashion Classifier utilizing FNIST

Undertaking: Dogs versus Cats classifier

Undertaking: Object Detection utilizing YOLOv3

Undertaking: Social Distancing Detector COVID-19

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All in all, would you say you are prepared to begin? Select now and start the way toward turning into a Master in Computer Vision utilizing Deep Learning today!

Who this course is for:

  • Python Developers, who want to upgrade in Computer Vision and Deep Learning.Freshers Interested in Computer Vision and Deep Learning.
  • Engineering Students Who Want to Make Their Carrier in Computer Vision and Deep Learning.
  • Passion to learn computer vision from scratch

Course content:

Introduction to Computer vision and OpenCV
Image Opearations using OpenCV
Face Detection and Working with live Camera
Convolutional Neural Network
Keras API
Project-Handwritten Digits Recognition using CNN,keras
Project-Object Detection using YOLO V3 Algorithm
Project Cat Dog Classifier
Project-MNIST Fashion Clothing Classifier
Project-Social Distancing Detector

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