Learn Create a Smart Contract on WAX block chain including NFT RNG Free Video Course

Learn how to interact with block chain Oracles to create RNG and also create NF T’s on WAX with smart contracts in C++


What you will learn in this course:

  • How to setup a environment in Docker to develop Smart Contract on WAX
  • How to create a basic Smart Contract on WAX
  • How to interact with Block chain Oracles on WAX to generate random numbers
  • How to create NFT on the WAX block chain

Requirements for this course:

  • Intermediary knowledge on any programming language
  • Basic Programming knowledge in C or C++ is an advantage but not a must
  • Docker installed and configured (info in how to do it on my you tube channel) if need


What is WAX? WAX represents Worldwide Asset eXchange and is a blockchain explicitly made for exchanging virtual things, for example, uncommon and collectible things in computer games and virtual universes.

WAX is completely viable with EOS keen agreements and offers free blockchain accounts and less expensive charges. This course will give you an outline of how to convey your EOS/WAX dApps to our neighborhood test organization, them to the WAX Testnet where we will connect with different agreements, for example, a blockchain Oracle for Random number generator and the contact for Simple Assets to make NFTs lastly after that to the WAX mainnet.

This course will utilize C++ to compose the agreement, contracts on the WAX organization can be written in any language that incorporates to WebAssembler, notwithstanding, I choose to utilize C++ as it is the language with more help right now.

Indeed, even the course has been in C++ in the event that you have any comprehension of programming you ought to have the option to follow the course along without issues, I make the understudy stride by step while composing and perusing the agreement, clarifying each order and contrasting it with different dialects more normal like JavaScript or C# so don’t be scared by it, likewise I’m generally around aiding understudies and responding to questions.

Who this course is for:

  • Developers that want to start to develop smart contracts
  • Developers that want to start develop to the WAX block chain

Course Content:

  • Course Overview
  • Using Docker for development in WAX
  • Setting up our local environment on the WAX block chain
  • How to create a WAX wallet, open, unlock and import private keys
  • Smart Contract Development on WAX using the CDT(Contract Development Toolkit)
  • Deploying and testing our project on the WAX Test net
  • Block chain Oracles and Random Number Generator (RNG)
  • Adding Actions to our block chain smart contract
  • NFT, how to create new NETs on WAX block chain simple assets smart contract
  • Interacting with a WAX smart contract using React and Wasjs
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