Learn Data Structure & Algorithm using C++ : Zero To Mastery 2021 Free Video Course

Data Structure Greedy Algorithm, Dynamic Programming , Graph ,Tries , Arrays, Recursion, Linked Lists, Trees, Hash Map, Stacks, Queues, Heaps


What you will learn in this course:

  • Learn the strengths and weaknesses of a variety of data structures, so you can choose the best data structure for your data and applications
  • Learn many of the algorithms commonly used to sort data, so your applications will perform efficiently when sorting large datasets
  • Code an implementation of each data structure, so you understand how they work under the covers
  • Develop your Analytical skills on Data Structure and use then efficiently.
  • Improve your problem solving skills and become a stronger developer
  • Learn everything you need to ace difficult coding interviews

Requirements for this course:

  • Basic knowledge of Programming in C++
  • NO experience with data structures or computer science needed!

Description for this course:


This was an astonishing course. I was a fledgling in information designs and calculations, yet I have adapted such a lot of that I would see myself as middle progressed. For anybody hoping to develop their comprehension of these information structures, their execution, or their true use, I totally suggest purchasing this course.

This is the best seminar on information structure contrast with all information structure course .all the subject of information structure has been finished in this course .on the off chance that anybody need to learn information structure, you can put it all on the line.

I enjoyed this course without a doubt! It gets out your rudiments very well and is does absolutely what Harsh and Ankit guarantee they’ll do. I would prescribe this to every individual who needs to learn Data Structures and Algorithms, particularly on the off chance that you had a fear for coding as I did. I presently love coding! All gratitude to them.

This course is truly astonishing. educator is going past and past every single thing was my past assumptions. truly dominance course it is.

Active course. The showing style is phenomenal. Assuming you are searching for a DSA course and a novice, your pursuit end here. Simply put it all on the line folks. Much obliged to the educator for making this course

This is the best software engineering course I’ve taken. On the off chance that you need to learn C++ and pass your specialized meetings, this is the course to take. The clarifications in the recordings are amazingly careful, and I have connected with the educator a few times on different inquiries, and he’s in every case speedy to react and exceptionally accommodating. As far as I can tell, each MOOC that said its educators would effectively assist you with issues lied, EXCEPT FOR THIS COURSE. TAKE THIS COURSE!

This is the BEST COURSE on C++ Data Structures and Algorithms. The Instructors are the BEST. They Draw Everything out and afterward EXPLAIN THE CONCEPTS VERY WELL and then, at that point CODE it. Likewise I Love Doing the LEETCODE Problem Sets. Totally Fantastic. Over my Expectations. I’m taking this course for COMPETITIVE PROGRAMMING. It is the BEST COURSE.

Course Highlights:

  • Quality Problems with hands-on code
  • Intuitive & Detailed Explanations
  • HD Videos
  • Deep focus on Problem Solving
  • Broaden your mindset
  • STL Powerful features
  • 250+ HD Course
  • 200+ quality Problems
  • 60+ hours of interactive content
  • Code Evaluation Exercises
  • Doubt Solving within 6 hours
  • Practice Exercises
  • Industry vetted curriculum
  • Completion Certificate

Overview of Topics:

  • Arrays, Strings, Vectors, Binary Search
  • Stacks, Queues, Linked Lists
  • Binary Trees, BSTs, Heaps
  • Hashing, Pattern Matching, Tries
  • Brute force, Recursion
  • Sliding Window, Two Pointer
  • Sorting & Searching, Greedy
  • Graphs Algorithms, Dynamic Programming

So you need to learn and dominate Data Structure and Algorithm , I have done it. I have broken meetings of top item based organizations and found propositions for employment from numerous organizations (Amazon, Samsung , Microsoft, Flipkart …)

This course is completely planned, with intelligent talks, great quality issues, and is profoundly centered around critical thinking. In the event that you need to learn breath and profundity of themes, this course is for you.

So I have made this course remembering college prospectus and furthermore to prepare you to get those important temporary jobs and arrangements.

You will top your college tests and will become talk with prepared simultaneously.

I know how educators instruct in universities , they simply talk about hypothesis , yet hello I am not a teacher rather a brother. I will show you things which truly matter . Additionally I have shared numerous tips and deceives in the course .

So the thing are you sitting tight for ??

Expert Data Structure and Algorithms , top you college test and get those significant temporary positions and situations

Still have question , see the course content , nobody is showing you variety of paired pursuit , each and every other educator will show you standard double inquiry. I’m likewise showing Dynamic Programming which is hard to educate and different educators are not showing this yet its a vital subject and you should know it.

We are tackling 30+ issues on Recursion ,

Note : This course is 100% commonsense

My methodology is straightforward : talk about the applicable hypothesis and afterward take care of bunches of issues . I show ideas by tackling bunches of issues and you ought to be prepared to take care of heaps of issues as Assignments , Quizzes and so forth

Each Data Structure is examined, analyzed and carried out with a Practical line-by-line coding.

Source code for all Programs is accessible for you to download

With this total course, you will end up being a specialist in the center basics of programming, Data Structures, Algorithms and its working with perhaps the most famous programming languages,C and C++. The inclusion of the viable method of critical thinking will give students a superior comprehension of the ideas of the course. Figure out how to plan productive calculations and become prepared for future best positions in the business.

As though this was adequately not , I have shared tips and deceives on the most proficient method to turn out to be acceptable in aggressive programming ( yes I have did CP in school)

Source code for all Programs is accessible for you to download

Join today!

Who this course is for:

  • Undergraduate who want to Learn Data Structures Perfectly
  • Developer who want to get Deepest knowledge of Data Structure
  • Anyone interested in improving their problem solving skills
  • Anyone preparing for programming interviews

Course Content:

  • Installing Code Blocks
  • DS : Arrays
  • DS : Character Arrey,Matrix or 2D Array
  • DS : String
  • OOPS – Basic to Advanced
  • DS: Vectors
  • Basic Sorting Algorithm
  • Binary Search Algorithm
  • Recursion – Basic to Advanced
  • Merge Sort & Quick Sort
  • Time Space Complexity Analysis
  • Advanced Binary Search
  • Algorithm: Moore Voting : Majority Element
  • What are Data Strectures?
  • DS: Linked List (1-2)
  • DS: Stacks
  • DS: Queues
  • DS: Generic Trees
  • DS: Binary Search Tree (BST)
  • DS: Hash Map
  • DS: Priority Queue
  • Dynamic Programming Basic to Advanced
  • DS: Graph
  • Graph Travels Algo-> BFS and DFS
  • Weighted and Directed Graph
  • Spanning Tree
  • Algorithm: Kruskal, Prims, Dijkstra and Topological Sort
  • DS: Trial
  • Project: Design LRU Cache
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