Learn Data Structures & Algorithms, Level-up Free Video Course

The only course you need to master problem solving using Data Structures & Algorithms in C++

Learn Data Structures & Algorithms, Level-up Free Video Course

What you will learn from this Course:

  • Accelerate your algorithmic thinking
  • Learn to optimise brute force solutions
  • Learn to apply data structures
  • Learn to write complex codes
  • 150+ carefully curated problems
  • Analysis of space-time complexity
  • Using C++ Standard Template Library
  • Become a 10x Problem Solver
  • Sliding Window, Hashing, Maps & Sets
  • Master Dynamic Programming & Graphs
  • BONUS : Build a LRU Cache
  • Practice Questions on all important topics

Requirements for this Course:

  • Ability to write & understand code
  • Understanding of data structures
  • Time & space complexity analysis


Do you end up feeling like you get “stuck” each time you get a coding question?

Welcome to Data Structures and Algorithms, Level up Course the solitary course that gives you extreme practice on the critical thinking cycle and assisting you with taking your information structures and calculations to a higher level. The course is educated by a specialist educator Prateek Narang from Google, who isn’t only a computer programmer yet additionally has coached a large number of understudies in becoming extraordinary software engineers and designers.

The Course contains 25+ long periods of intuitive video content and many coding works out, showing you the right tips and deceives in critical thinking in a most compact way. Each issue conversation begins with a beast power approach, enhancements and finishes with an involved coding video in C++ too.

Here is the thing that you will learn –

Issues on Data Structures:

  • Arrays, Strings, Vectors
  • Hashing (Unordered Maps, Maps, Sets)
  • Stacks, Queues, Linked Lists
  • Binary Trees, BSTs, Heaps
  • Graphs, Tries

Issues on Algorithms:

  • Brute power, Backtracking
  • Sliding Window Algorithms
  • Sorting, Searching, Binary Search
  • Dynamic Programming Fundamentals
  • Important Graph Algorithms
  • BFS and DFS, Shortest Paths

Course practices are in C++ yet software engineers having experience in at least one dialect (C++/Java/Python/JavaScript) can do this course, if they have an essential comprehension of information structures. The course covers both expansiveness and profundity of points, jumping profound any place required. You will likewise figure out how to apply strategies including – arranging and looking through calculations, sliding windows, parallel inquiry, hashing which are vital for critical thinking. For cutting edge themes like Dynamic Programming and Graphs, the course begins from the rudiments and assists you with dominating these subjects from the very essentials.

Who this course is for:

  • Students pursuing Computer Science or related fields
  • Beginner-Intermediate level programmers with basic knowledge of data structures
  • Developers who want to excel in problem solving skills & competitive coding
  • Students who know theory of data structures, but find hard to implement in problems

Course content:

  • Welcome to Course
  • Arrays & Vectors
  • String Problems
  • Sliding Windows Problems
  • Sorting & Searching
  • Binary Search
  • Recursion Problems
  • Linked Lists Problems
  • Stacks & Queue Problems
  • Binary Tress Problems
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