Learn Deploying a Secure Virtual Private Server with Ubuntu 20.04 Free Video Course

Secure Virtual Private Server Setting up a secure instance of Ubuntu 20.04 with Caddy, NGINX, Apache, PHP, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Redis, and more

Learn Deploying a Secure Virtual Private Server with Ubuntu 20.04 Free Video Course

What you will learn from this course:

  • Deploy a secure Virtual Private Server on a provider like Linode, Digital Ocean, or Vultr
  • Best practices to secure the VPS
  • Install most commonly used software (web server, PHP, databases, etc)
  • Learn how ufw, the “Uncomplicated Firewall” works
  • Connect to the VPS using SSH (secure shell) and Kes (public and private SSH keys)

Requirements for this course:

  • A functional Windows, Macintosh, or Linux computer & an Internet connection
  • Some experience with Linux is helpful, but not essential. We’ll go over the basics


Numerous designers have been going to Virtual Private Servers to have their undertakings, and in light of current circumstances: not at all like in a common facilitating climate, you are not risking another person’s seriously composed code bringing about terrible showing or (more awful yet) your site being compromised in view of another person’s uncertain programming.

With a Virtual Private Server, you have unlimited authority over the product that is accessible to you, and you can calibrate the worker to meet your careful requirements. However, setting up a protected VPS takes a touch of work, and requires a touch of learning.

This course will take you through the nuts and bolts of setting up a quick, secure VPS on Linode, DigitalOcean, AWS Lightsail, Vultr or whatever other supplier that offers VPS Linux facilitating. We’ll set up a Ubuntu 20.04 worker with the most regularly required programming, and guarantee that it is secured as safely as could be expected. We will likewise go through prescribed procedures for adding clients, programming, and benefits, and guarantee that we pick the right sort of worker for a specific task.

We will figure out how to execute public and private keys for secure access utilizing SSH, how to alter records on the far off worker through the order line utilizing vi or nano/pico, how to utilize the most widely recognized and helpful Linux order line projects, and how to design the most well known and valuable worker programming.

Who this course is for:

  • Developers who want to host their own web applications
  • People who are interested in acquiring “DevOps” skills for future employment
  • People who are interested in best practices for securing a Linux based server

Course content:

  • Introduction
  • Getting started with our VPS
  • Locking Down SSH
  • Firewall
  • Setting up the operating system
  • Choosing and installing a web server
  • Installing PHP
  • Databases
  • Installing web applications
  • Regular Maintenance
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