Learn Go Programming Language By Google Free Video Course Free Download

Learn Go Programming Language By Google Free Video Course Free Download

Learn Go Programming Language By Google for beginners (Golong) Free Video Course

Learn Go Programming Language By Google

What you will learn in the course:

  • Students will learn Go fundamentals and see how to apply them to real world scenarios.
  • Some of the bigger course concepts include: Go Language,Advanced Go Topics,Concurrency

Course Content Learn Go Programming Language By Google :

1. Course Introduction:

  • Introduction to the Course

2. Introduction To Go:

  • Introduction
  • Why Go
  • golang.org
  • Imports
  • Summary
  • Quiz1

3. Go Language:

  • Introduction
  • Variables
  • Constants
  • Types & Casting
  • Setting Up Your Local Environment
  • Structs
  • Functions
  • Functions – Variadic
  • Functions – Defer
  • Pointers I
  • Operators
  • Conditionals
  • Arrays & Slices
  • Maps
  • Looping & Ranges – Arrays & Slices
  • Looping & Ranges – Maps
  • Interfaces
  • Quiz2

4. Expanding Your Go Knowledge:

  • Introduction
  • Object Composition
  • Custom Types
  • Constructor Function
  • Polymorphism
  • Multi File Project
  • Reading and Writing To Files
  • Encryption and Description
  • Web Operations
  • Publishing JSON
  • Consuming JSON
  • Quiz3


  • Introduction
  • Asynchronous Programming
  • Go Routines
  • Channels 1
  • Channels 2
  • Channels 3
  • Quiz4

6. Conclusion:

  • Course Summary
  • Request a Course

Description of Go Programming Language By Google :

So you have this old inheritance application on your screen, it needs some fixes and new highlights, yet sadly, these must be actualized with a WCF Service?

Try not to freeze! I’m here to help.

WCF Services are still regularly utilized in greater companies and furthermore little groups since they may utilize more seasoned programming that was worked with these sorts of administrations.

Presently individuals with profound information on WCF-Services are uncommon. Also, that is your opportunity!

Before the finish of this “REST WCF Service for Web Applications” course, you will have the option to construct WCF Services from the beginning and furthermore change existing executions and keep up these like a professional.

How about we view what you will realize in this course:

Ajax-empowered soothing WCF Service with Visual Studio

Inside the initial 10 minutes of this course, you will as of now figure out how to construct another soothing WCF Service starting from the earliest stage. From that point onward, we will jump further into the code and actualize a few highlights. So far as that is concerned, this course gives a little arranged web application – a superhuman database – where all the HTML and CSS parts are as of now secured.

You can absolutely concentrate on actualizing the WCF Service in C# in Visual Studio and call your web administration from the program with JavaScript.

The web.config

After we made a totally new WCF Service, we will go over each significant record in the Visual Solution and specifically spread the Web.config. All qualities in this arrangements document will be clarified.

Muck tasks with custom classes and records

Muck represents Create, Read, Update and Delete. What’s more, this is actually what you will do in this course. Be that as it may, you won’t just utilize fundamental information types like strings and whole numbers to actualize these tasks. You will utilize custom classes (superheroes generally) and arrangements of these classes to make new legends, update them, etc.

Regular HTTP strategies

To coordinate these tasks, you will utilize the four most regular HTTP demand techniques, GET, POST, PUT and DELETE. Each HTTP strategy is utilized for a specific CRUD activity and you will realize which one you should utilize and why.

More than CRUD: Filtering, custom pursuits, arranging

A genuine WCF Service generally needs to accomplish something other than CRUD. That is we will plunge much more profound and actualize some custom solicitations like looking or arranging.


In all likelihood each web administration will have a few blunders. To discover and fix these mistakes, it’s energetically prescribed to investigate your code. We will do precisely that. In any case, you won’t just figure out how to investigate your C# code yet in addition how to troubleshoot your JavaScript code with Visual Studio also.

Requirement for this Course:

  • You should know a little C# & JavaScript
  • You should have a little experience in building web applications
  • Tools you need: Visual Studio (Community Edition is sufficient) and a browser with developer tools such as Google Chrome

Who this course is For:

  • Developers who have or want to build restful WCF services for any kind of web application
  • Developers who have or want to fix, maintain or implement new features to existing WCF services

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