Learn Hacking Windows 10 Using Metasploit From Scratch Free Download

Welcome ! , If you want to become a Ethical Hacker like professionals a network secure experts and detect the hackers, So ! this is the course for you for free watch all tutorials clearly,  (Learn Hacking Windows 10 Using Metasploit From Scratch Free Download) read full post what you will learn in this course.

Learn Hacking Windows 10 Using Metasploit From Scratch Free Download

Learn Hacking Windows 10 Using Metasploit From Scratch Free Download

What you’ll learn in this full course:

Read all following topics before downloading,

  • 70+ video how to hack & secure any Windows OS,
  • Learn Hacking Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7,
  • Like black hat hackers but ethically,
  • Preparing your penetration testing lab,
  • Linux commands
  • Gather information from any target victim,

Requirements for course:

Basic skills of computer, also you need a laptop or computer,

  1. Basic Skills
  2. PC, Laptop

Short Overview of the Course:

In the first lesson you are going to learn following topics don’t skip any tutorials watch all parts,

  • Installing Kali Linux (Virtual Box, VMware)
  • Kali Linux 2. ** As ISO image installing
  • Windows 10 Setup as a Virtual Machine
  • Setup Metasploitable as a (VM)
  • Configure the Network Settings
  • Connecting Wi-Fi card to the (VM)

1. Updating Kali Linux (OS):

In this lesson you can learn about updating Linux OS

  • Information Gathering
  • Scanning the target OS
  • Gaining Access:
  • Gaining Access introduction
  • Metasploit Fundamentals
  • Creating a Payload using Msfvenom
  • Creating an Encoded Payload using Msfvenom
  • Testing the Payload in the target OS
  • Encoding and Combining the Payload
  • Installing Veil Framework
  • Creating an undetectable Payload
  • Combine an EXE file with the Payload
  •  Payload Combine  with an Image, PDF, MP3, Excel, Word file etc.
  • Spoofing, Backdoor extension

2. Post Exploitation Ethical Hacking:

Post exploitation this is the most important part of this course must be watch,

  • Interact with the Target Computer
  • Persist your connection in the target OS
  • Escalate your privileges in all Windows
  • Migrating the Backdoor
  • Check the virtualization & Clear log event
  • Uninstalling programs from the target OS
  • Remove/Add users and Admin password
  • Pivot from the Victim System to Own Every Device
  • Stealing the target Wi-Fi password
  • Capture the keystrokes of the target keyboard
  • Cracking the administrator password
  • Stealing the stored passwords & Visited websites
  • Recover the deleted files from the target OS
  • Enumerate USB Drive history
  • Redirect the target from to any website

3. Learn Hooking with BeEF Tool:

This is the Linux most popular tool learn form scratch step by step,

  • Hooking the target browser with BeEF
  • Play any sound in the target browser
  • Capture a screenshot from target browser
  • Redirect the target to any website
  • Run any YouTube video in the target browser
  • Stealing the target online accounts with BeEF
  • Integrate Metasploit framework with BeEF Project
  • Hacking the target Windows OS through the hooked browser
  • Having some fun with BeEF

4. Perform the previous attacks over WAN Networks:

Here you can learn about wan networks also you can learn configure backdoor

  • Port forwarding VPS SSH tunnel 
  • Configure Backdoor
  • Configure BeEF over WAN network

5. Protection & Detection:

  • Kill any Meterpreter session
  • Detect running backdoor manually
  • The combined backdoor Detect (MD5 hash),
  • Encrypting your keyboard keystrokes
  • Detecting the backdoor using a Sandbox
  • Hacking Windows OS just by plugging a USB stick:
  • The needed hardware and software
  • Converting the commands to Arduino script /C,C++/
  • Change administrator password and force him to sign out
  • Any Windows fully control within a seconds,

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This is high level ethical hacking course with best rating, course for everyone beginner to advance level, If you haven’t any knowledge about hacking don’t worry you’re in right place here you can learn every thing about ethical hacking, Also if you have a knowledge about hacking also you can learn more advance ethical hacking topics link black hat hacking, How To Free here you cab find all online free courses, free education website.

Now ! you can download course for free by clicking below download button,


If you have a any problems, Question So! please comment now below..

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