Learn Mastering Price Action Trading with Supply and Demand Free Video Course

Learn to read institutional order flow using Supply Demand on larger time frames


What you will learn from this course:

  • Supply & Demand Institutional Trading for most financial products including Forex, Commodities and Cryptocurrencies
  • How to identify Supply/Demand Areas on the chart correctly
  • How to determine whether S/D areas are strong or weak
  • Q Points© – proprietary method and missing link to S/D trading
  • Basics of Swing Trading

Requirements for this course:

  • Being able to read Candlestick Charts
  • 1 year+ trading the markets
  • Knowing types of orders (limit, stop loss, pending, at-market, sell stop, buy stop)


My courses are a consequence of exchanging the business sectors throughout the most recent 13 years.

Seven of those years I’ve exchanged expertly for three diverse prop exchanging organizations London and Chicago.

Over the most recent three years, I’ve been making mechanical exchanging frameworks as an overseeing overseer of a little fintech startup called Blahtech.

I work together with a group of three first class designs who come from swell section venture banking foundation.

This presentation course addresses the initial 6 exercises of 40 talks from our far reaching Professional Development Program on the primary site.

You’ll figure out how to perceive ‘commentary’ Supply/Demand levels around which you will design the course of your exchanges. I likewise show you my own idea of Q Points©.

Q Points are the missing connect to S/D exchanging and an important device for removing non-applicable regions.

Q Points© are my exclusive exchanging idea – you will not run over them elsewhere.

This specific course will start the excursion to wean you off negative propensities and wild-man scalping. It will control you away from retail slacking devices to show you how to see Supply/Demand levels that matter.

You’ll figure out how to apply constant value activity perusing to these institutional Supply/Demand levels. I additionally set before you a way to decide if your exchange will have sufficient room for a measurably right danger/reward proportion (the sum you hazard versus the normal measure of taking benefits).

The motivation behind why S/D levels on huge time periods are so productive is on the grounds that there is such a lot of exchanging data throughout significant stretches of time.

Yet in addition in light of the fact that institutional merchants need profound liquidity pools to execute tremendous institutional orders that go into a large number of parcels (we’re talking positions in abundance of $300-500 million).

To save money on execution costs (to guarantee the request is filled in as little exchanges as could be expected), institutional market producers will move the cost up or somewhere near utilizing a portion of the allotted assets to carry the cost to the levels where the colossal a few thousand parts requests can be filled in a financially savvy way. You will figure out how to recognize these huge players on medium and bigger time periods.

This course makes a presentation for a coordinated exchanging mind and an orderly, repeatable way to deal with discovering exchange areas at levels where organizations exchange.

The technique of market mechanics through Supply/Demand can be applied to most business sectors, including delicate wares like gold and unrefined petroleum, forex, value files, singular stocks and digital forms of money.


You should have some past exchanging experience and a generally excellent expertise of candles perusing.

While this course might be utilized by amateurs, it is most appropriate for the individuals who have effectively exchanged for some time (preferably 1 year+).

Optimal understudies will be hoping to propel their abilities to a more genuine level by adding a scientific way to deal with their exchanging execution.

You will require tolerance and steadiness. At times, huge changes to your own social brain research will be required on this excursion.

Exchanging is neither straightforward nor simple. While this big time salary ability can possibly carry bonuses to specific people who are genuinely strong and logical enough to continue onward, it stays one of the hardest expertise to dominate.

This is mostly because of the sheer measure of data you should recall and cross-check whenever the chance presents itself.

Assuming you’re searching for a make easy money, “basic” exchanging framework my courses are not for you.

In the event that that is the thing that you’re after, I would exceptionally encourage you to stick away from any sort of exchanging by and large with that sort of mentality. You’ll save yourself a great deal of time and inconvenience.

Who this course is for:

Brokers who are battling to arrive at benefit

Merchants inspired by supply/request institutional exchanging techniques

Swing merchants who are hoping to propel their abilities further

Who this course is for:

  • Traders who are struggling to reach profitability
  • Traders interested in supply/demand institutional trading strategies
  • Swing traders

Course Content:

Introduction to Suooly/Demand Trading

  • Mindful Trading
  • Q Points© and Swing Extremes
  • Developing An Organised Trader’s Mindset
  • Supply/Demand Formation Types
  • Determining Strength of Zones
  • Bonus Lecture: Next Steps and Discounts
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