Learn PHP OOP for Beginners with Project Video Course Free Download

Learn PHP OOP for Beginners with Project Video Course Free Download

Learn PHP OOP for beginners with Project video course and Take your skills to another level. Make serious money by building awesome applications.

What you will learn:

  • Learn New OOP techniques
  • Build PHP OOP applications

Learn PHP OOP Free Course Content

Learn PHP OOP Free Video Tutorials 2020 with Project

Course content:

1. Getting Started

  • Section Overview
  • Edwin from the future
  • Code Editors I recommend (Optional Lecture)
  • Web Development Software Installation (XAMPP)
  • Course Exercise files
  • Displaying errors in PHP

2. OOP Fundamentals

  • Section Overview
  • Defining a class
  • Defining methods
  • Instantiating a Class
  • Defining properties
  • Class Inheritance
  • Access Control Modifiers
  • Static Modifier
  • Getters and Setters
  • Referencing Parent Class with Static
  • Constructors and Destructors

3. OOP Project – Building a Photo Gallery System

  • Overview of this project
  • Project Directories & Assets
  • Editing and Modifying Files
  • Gallery System Links
  • Creating Pages
  • Creating Database and User Table

4. Database Class

  • Section Overview
  • Setting Up the Database Connection
  • Initializing all Includes in one file
  • Init file inclusion reminder (Edwin from the future)
  • Creating the Database Class
  • Future Update for database class
  • Automatic DB Connection Setup
  • The Query Method
  • Database Class Helper Methods
  • Testing Query Method
  • Improving our Connection to be more OOP

5. The User Class

  • Section Overview
  • Creating our User Class
  • Testing our find_all method
  • Static Method Usage and Challenge
  • Creating a Find user id method and Solution
  • Create This Query Method
  • Assigning Array Values to Object Properties
  • Auto Instantiation Method
  • Testing the Instantiation Method
  • Short Way Auto Instantiation
  • Creating The Attribute Finder Method
  • Adding our Instantiation Method
  • Using our Instantiation Method to find all users
  • Using our Instantiation Method to find 1 User
  • Undeclared Object Backup Function
  • Updating the Autoload Function (Edwin from the future)
  • So what is going on?

6. The Session Class

  • Section Overview
  • Starting Sessions
  • The Checking login Method
  • The Login Method
  • The Logout Method
  • Controlling Access to Admin
  • Creating The Login Page
  • Creating the Verify Method
  • Creating the Verify Method
  • Duplicate return = Important watch the whole lecture – Edwin from the future
  • Login page position – (Edwin from the future)
  • Login Form Creation / Download
  • Creating our Login out Feature
  • Creating message method
  • Outputting Feedback for User

7. Files Basics

  • Section Overview
  • Understanding File Permissions
  • Magic Constants

8. Learn PHP OOP Uploading Files

  • Section Overview
  • Configuring PHP for File Uploads
  • Sending Files
  • Analyzing Uploaded File Structure
  • File Error Code Explained
  • Moving Uploaded Files

9. CRUD: Create Method

  • Section Overview
  • Create Method Query
  • Create Method Query
  • Inserting Last ID Method (Challenge)
  • Testing our Method (Solution)

10. CRUD: Update Method

  • Update Method Query
  • Testing our Update Method

11. CRUD: Delete Method

  • Delete Method
  • Testing the Delete Method

12. Abstracting and Improving

  • Section Overview
  • Improving the Create Method
  • Abstracting Tables
  • Abstracting Properties
  • Abstracting the Create Method
  • Abstracting the Create Method
  • Modifying the properties method
  • Testing the Abstracted Create Method
  • Abstracting the Update Method
  • Testing the Abstracted Update Method
  • Escaping Values From our Abstracted Methods

13. The Photo Class

  • Section Overview
  • Creating the Database Table for our Photo Class
  • Abstracting the remaining methods
  • Create the Parent Class
  • Fixing lecture 90 Double Return
  • Late Static Binding
  • Coding The Photo Class
  • Adding Class Properties
  • Testing Inherited Methods
  • Setting Up our Properties Array
  • Building Directory Paths
  • Set File Method
  • Save Method
  • Save Method
  • HTML Form Creation
  • Uploading and Testing
  • Coding The HTML for our Photos Table
  • Coding The PHP for a Photo Table
  • Dynamic Image Path

14. ADMIN PHOTOS: Deletion Section

  • Section Overview
  • DELETE PAGE and Links
  • DELETE Page
  • Making our Application More Generic
  • Creating The Delete Method
  • Setting Up The Right Redirect Paths for Delete

15. ADMIN PHOTOS: Edit Photo Section

  • Section Overview
  • Creating The Edit Page
  • Creating The Edit Page
  • Writing our PHP Code
  • Writing our PHP Code
  • Displaying Data
  • Updating Data
  • Picture and Sidebar Styling
  • Installing The Text Editor
  • Setting Size for Photos Page Thumbnail


  • Section Overview
  • Displaying User Page
  • Working with User Image
  • Creating User Image Column in DB Table
  • Deleting Users
  • Creating Add User Page
  • Creating Add User Page
  • Assigning POST values to Object Properties
  • Setting Up Image Upload for User
  • Creating The User Edit Page
  • Updating User
  • Empty Password Field Fix
  • Updating User Modification
  • Delete within Edit User Page
  • Fixing Duplicate Record Creation Bug


  • Section Overview
  • Creating the Comments Table in the Database
  • Creating the Comment Class
  • Self Instantiation Comment Method
  • Find Comments Method
  • Testing our Comment Form
  • Including Our Classes in Photo.php FRONT-END
  • Pulling Data From Form
  • Pulling Data From Form
  • Displaying & Making Comments – FRONT-END
  • Displaying & Making Comments – BACK-END
  • Deleting Comments
  • Creating the Individual Comment Page
  • Creating the Individual Comment Page
  • Creating the Count Comment Code and CHALLENGE
  • Comment Count Link & SOLUTION
  • Deleting Specific Photo Comments Code

18. ADMIN: Dashboard Setup

  • Learn PHP OOP Section
  • Dynamic Menu to Photo.php
  • Dashboard HTML Snippets Inclusion
  • Adding Google API Charts
  • Tracking Page Views Method
  • Creating the Count All Method and Echoing Photo Count
  • Setting Up Users and Comment Counts
  • Modifying Chart Properties
  • Dynamic Data in Chart Creation

19. FRONT-END : Gallery System

  • Setting Up Index to Display Photos
  • Setting Up Index to Display Photos
  • Correcting Photos Alignment with CSS
  • Coding the PHP in Photo.php FRON-END
  • Home Page Link and Footer Modifications


  • Learn PHP OOP Section Overview
  • Setting Up our Pagination Variables
  • Creating the Paginate CLASS
  • Creating our Construct Function to Initialize some Properties
  • Building our Paginate Class Methods
  • Building our Paginate Class Methods
  • Instantiating and Testing Paginate
  • Setting Up our Next Page Link
  • Putting our Next Link to Work – CHALLENGE
  • Creating Previous Link – SOLUTION
  • Paginate Indication and Looping
  • Pagination Indication CSS


  • Extra Features Overview
  • Creating the Modal + HTML Snippets Download
  • Including Modal from somewhere else
  • Pictures Into Gallery / Modal
  • Enable Selection Button on Click – jQuery
  • Enabling the Selection Button with jQuery
  • Pulling User Id with jQuery and Javascript
  • Pulling Image Name with jQuery and Javascript
  • Writing the AJAX – Setting User Image
  • Testing our AJAX Code
  • Creating the AJAX PHP Method
  • Modifying / Improving Our AJAX PHP method
  • Photo Library Sidebar
  • Photo Library Sidebar
  • Photo Library Sidebar
  • Creating Session Methods for Notifications in the Edit User Page
  • Creating Session Methods for Notifications in the Edit User Page
  • Updating User Methods
  • Setting Up Notifications for CRUD
  • Setting Up Notifications for CRUD
  • Installing a Multiple Upload and Drop JS File Plugin
  • Installing a Multiple Upload and Drop JS File Plugin
  • Installing a Multiple Upload and Drop JS File Plugin
  • Edit Photo Page Sidebar jQuery Dropdown
  • Login Page CSS
  • Confirm Delete with Javascript and jQuery
  • Conclusion and BONUS

22. Taking our application online

  • Hosting setup
  • Displaying errors online
  • Uploading files and database creation
  • Importing database and setting up configurations : CHALLENGE
  • Creating an online site root path : SOLUTION
  • Testing photos deletion functionality

23. Extra Courses

  • Database refactoring
  • Updating photos with user_id

Requirement for this course:

  • HTML
  • Procedural PHP
  • Laptop and desktop

Learn PHP OOP Description

This course will promised you achievement on the off chance that you put forth a concentrated effort, and set aside the effort to get the hang of everything included. PHP has permitted me to make an extremely extraordinary pay, so much that It gives personal time to show others it. You also can turn into an expert in the field, and make the existence you generally longed for.

PHP is outstanding among other web programming dialects on the planet, and all the huge significant sites, similar to Google, Apple, Facebook, Yahoo, Wikipedia and some more, use it for their web applications.

Who is the audience for this course:

  • Students with Basic PHP knowledge should take this course.
  • Students looking for the ultimate PHP Course.
  • To upgrade their PHP skills to another level.
  • Students looking to get a better job.
  • To make big money from freelancing.

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