Learn Productivity for Artists Free video course

Get More Done every Day. Optimize your Focus, Motivation & Energy.


What you will Learn:

  • Use the Power of Energy, Focus and Motivation to Master your Productivity
  • You will be in control of your Time, and Get More Done every single day


  • You need basic productivity tools setup – like Calendar App, Task Manager and To-Do List App etc.
  • You should be willing to make life changes to improve your daily productivity
  • An open mind and willingness to learn


After this course, you will be able to take full control over your time. To get more done every day. To become a super productive artist and creative person. How? By mastering the pillars of productivity: Focus, Motivation and Energy.


  • How to Master your Focus
  • How to Master your Motivation
  • How to Master your Energy

In the end, by practicing and implementing all the concepts, guidelines and tricks, you will be able to unleash the true essence of your productivity power, by taking control over your time. Get More Done every Day!

I welcome you to start this course right now, and learn the true power of productivity. Learn how to take control over your day, your time…to get more done. Unlock the Secrets of Productivity, and use them to Advance Faster on your Professional Journey as an Artist! =)

Friendly regards, Michael “Mike” Angstrom Music Composer | Sound Designer

Who this course is for:

  • Artists and Creative People that want to improve your Productivity & Daily Workflow
  • Creative People that struggle with “not having enough time”
  • If you want to get more done every single day, then this course is perfect for you

Course content:

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