Learn Python Data Analysis Free Tutorials

Hi! there, In this learn python data analysis free tutorials, if you want to become a python data analyst so! this is the best video course for free, this video course for free, also before download the course you must be read following topics..

Learn Python Data Analysis Free Tutorials

Learn Python Data Analysis Free Tutorials

Become a professional – python data analyst, Learn free all about python-: 

What you will going to learn :

01 . Lesson

  • Installing the Anaconda Python distribution
  • Writing and running Python in the iPython notebook

02. Lesson

  • Python containers overview
  • Using Python lists and the slicing syntax
  • Using Python dictionaries
  • Comprehensions

03. Lesson

  • Word anagram python
  • Loading the python dictionary
  • Finding anagrams

04. Lesson

  • NumPy overview
  • Creating NumPy arrays
  • Doing math with arrays
  • Indexing and slicing
  • Records and dates

05. Lesson

  • Weather datain python
  • Downloading and parsing data files
  • Temperature analysis
  • Smoothing data

06. Lesson

  • Pandas in python
  • DataFrames in Pandas
  • Using multilevel indices
  • Aggregation

In this course main topics:

  1. Writing and running Python in iPython
  2. Using Python lists and dictionaries
  3. Creating NumPy arrays
  4. Indexing and slicing in NumPy
  5. Downloading and parsing data files into NumPy and Pandas
  6. Using multilevel series in Pandas
  7. Aggregating data in Pandas

Requirement for the course:

  • Basic knowledge of python
  • Computer or pc

Course update : 2018(If you want to learn more so! join with us on Facebook )

Now! you can easily download complete video course for free by clicking below download button, If you have a any question so! please comment now..

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