Learn Qtum Introductory Free Video Course

An introduction to the Qtum Blockchain – what it is and what the benefits are

Learn Qtum Introductory Free Video Course

What you will learn in this course:

  • What is Qtum?
  • How is Qtum different from other platforms?
  • Understanding the UTXO Model and Proof-of-Stake consensus
  • Understanding Account Abstraction Layer (AAL) and Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)
  • Qtum performance advantage
  • Enterprise blockchain implementation
  • Qtum use cases
  • How you can get involved in Qtum

Requirements for this course:

  • Basic knowledge of cryptocurrency and blockchain
  • Interest in learning about different blockchains and projects


Expand your knowledge on Qtum and the specific characteristics that give Qtum its value. Qtum is one of the more innovative projects in the ecosystem with a deep technology stack and strong team. Through this course you will gain a practical base of knowledge of how Qtum’s building a secure Value Transfer Protocol using DApps or “decentralized applications”, which can provide benefits to various industries and a solid understanding of the Qtum model and implementation.

Who this course is for:

  • Cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiasts
  • Investors
  • Traders

Course content:

Learn Qtum Introductory Free Video Course

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