Learn RPG Inventory Systems Asset Pack: Behind The Scenes Free Video Course

Review and integrate an RPG-Style Inventory System. All Code Base Provided As A Flexible Asset Pack

Learn RPG Inventory Systems Asset Pack: Behind The Scenes Free Video

What you will learn from this course:

  • How to implement and lay out your inventory UI (user interface) so that the panels, buttons, slots and icons make sense.
  • How to use useful UI components like the Scroll View Asset and the Grid Layout Group to more easily structure your inventory UI.
  • How to use the drag-and-drop system so that players can pick up inventory items and move them to other slots, or drop them into the world.
  • How to use a pickup system with scriptable objects providing the data for specific inventory items.
  • How to use and modify the equipping system so that players can equip weapons and armor from their inventory.
  • How to interface between what the player sees on screen in their inventory and what your backend system knows should be the appropriate information stored in the inventory.
  • How to use and modify a tooltip system that gives the player information about their inventory items.
  • How to make items stackable so that if a player has more than one of an item it only takes up one inventory slot and displays how many items have been stacked.
  • How to refactor your code so that when a new feature is added, it propagates to all areas of your project without breaking your game.
  • How to build a user interface mock up in Unity before your functionality is in place

Requirements for this course:

  • You should be able to write basic C# (loops, conditionals, components, etc)
  • Some familiarity with Unity’s APIs is helpful.
  • You should know your way round Unity’s editor.
  • We recommend you take at least the first half of our Complete Unity Developer 2D or 3D, or equivalent, as a pre-requisite.


Utilizing Unity 2019.3, we’ll tell you the best way to incorporate a stock framework for any of your undertakings that expect things to be gotten, dropped, moved and prepared!

This exceptionally acclaimed series was more than 200% supported on Kickstarter, and is intended for middle of the road clients of Unity. We suggest you take essentially the primary portion of our Complete Unity Developer 2D or 3D, or same, as an essential.

This course is the second in our RPG series, you don’t have to have finished the initial segment of the RPG Series (the RPG Core Combat course) yet it will give you a benefit on the off chance that you as of now have.

By taking on this course you will approach the finished Inventory framework as a resource pack which you can bring into your current venture. We will likewise make you stride by-venture through the way toward utilizing, adjusting, improving and understanding the code that drives the resource pack.

If it’s not too much trouble, note, this course follows an alternate configuration. Maybe than building the stock framework without any preparation, line-by-line, we will furnish you with our code and afterward clarify how the code functions so you comprehend it completely. This is a methodology that functions admirably for people who are now capable with Unity and C# and needing to “find to the solution” all the more rapidly.

Albeit this course is important for our RPG series, you can utilize the stock framework for any of your activities that expect things to be gotten, dropped, moved and prepared.

In this course we will cover the accompanying frameworks:

  • The snap to-pickup and the runover-to-pickup frameworks
  • The dropping framework
  • The tooltip overlay framework
  • The stackable thing framework
  • The preparing framework
  • The saving and stacking framework

The course covers many progressed programming standards and goes into incredible profundity to examine great code design rehearses. We cover Interfaces, Virtual Methods, the investigating instrument and a lot more things that aren’t canvassed in our novice courses.

You will approach a course gathering where you can examine themes on a course-wide premise, or down to the individual video. Get connected to our networks of astonishing designers on Facebook (almost 20k), in our own TA-curated Community (17k perspectives/day), and our understudy talk bunch (10k live at any one time). Look at our surveys to perceive how individuals love this component.

Building a RPG is an astonishing method to step up your game improvement abilities, so why not go along with us and begin further developing your game advancement at this moment?

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for intermediate Unity users who want to create their own Inventory System.
  • Our Complete Unity Developer course provides the perfect pre-requisite.

Course content:

Intro & Setup
Adding UI
Inventory Backing Store
Saving & Loading System
Pickup System
Drop System
Tool tips
Stack able Items
Equipment System
Action System

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