Learn Snowflake cloud database with ELT(Airflow+Python+Talend) Free Video Course

Learn to integrate ETL tools with Snowflake and leverage Airflow for ELT with snowflake.Process 250+ GB data.ELT flow.

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What you will learn from this Course:

  • Leveraging snowflake cloud data warehouse using Talend.
  • Talend basics.
  • Airflow basics.
  • Building airflow Dags.
  • Connect snowflake with python.
  • Auditing snowflake commands.
  • Capturing cost and performance metrics.
  • Virtual machine with preconfigured airflow.
  • End to End project to load Nyc traffic data(250 + GB ).

Requirements for this Course:

  • This course will use virtual box software.
  • Disk space of ~30 Gb is required to run the virtual machine.


In our past course Snowflake Masterclass [Real time demos+Best practices+Labs] we profound plunged and comprehended the essentials of snowflake, tackled part of tasks, and saw best practices to stack information and dump information.

Additionally, we firmly assessed a large portion of the snowflake highlights seeing how they work in the engine. Through these conversations, you understood how to utilize Snowflake effectively.

There was one missing piece, How to construct and organize ETL work processes on Snowflake. This course is just with regards to that.

In this course, we will learn,

  • Construct work processes in Airflow.
  • We will use Talend’s abilities to fabricate conventional code to ingest information and interaction information in snowflake.
  • We will construct review tables and record each order we fire on the snowflake. We will record the time burned-through for each errand and catch snowflake credits.
  • When we construct the system we will fabricate a work process to process and change 250 + GB volume of NYC traffic information.
  • Finally, we will associate the Snowflake with python and compose code to catch details of the information we stacked to the snowflake.
  • you will likewise gain admittance to preconfigured Jupyter note pad to run your python code on the Snowflake.

On the off chance that you have beforehand not worked with Talend, Airflow, and Python don not stress they are extremely straightforward apparatuses I will give the vital presentation.

Who this course is for:

  • Developers interested to know how to build workflows for snowflake.

Course Content:

  • Prerequisites
  • Before We Start
  • Build Generic jobs
  • Build ELT pipeline Using Talend
  • Python with snowflake
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