Learn SQL Masterclass: SQL for Data Analytics Free Video Course

SQL course covering basic to advanced SQL Masterclass topics for SQL Database ( PostgreSQL ). Elucidates SQL Database for beginners

Learn SQL Masterclass: SQL for Data Analytics Free Video Course

What you will learn From this Course:

  • Knowledge of all the essential SQL commands
  • Become proficient in SQL tools like GROUP BY, JOINS and Subqueries
  • Become competent in using sorting and filtering commands in SQL
  • Master SQL’s most popular string, mathematical and date-time functions
  • Enhance the performance of your Database by using Views and Indexes
  • Increase your efficiency by learning the best practices while writing SQL queries
  • Relevant theoretical concepts also covered so that you excel in BI Job interviews and Vivas
  • Solid understanding of SQL

Requirements for this Course:

  • Just a PC with any web browser


6 Reasons why you ought to pick this SQL course

  • Painstakingly planned educational program showing you all in SQL that you will require for Data examination in organizations
  • Thorough – covers rudiments, progressed SQL articulations, PostgreSQL, mySQL, talk with tips and execution tuning tips too
  • Business related models and contextual investigations dependent on SQL procedures, PostgreSQL, mySQL, information examination strategies
  • Plentiful practice practices since, similar to some other information investigation apparatuses, SQL requires practice
  • Downloadable assets covering significant points on SQL
  • Your questions on SQL and anything canvassed in the Masterclass will be reacted by the Instructor himself

A Verifiable Certificate of Completion is introduced to all understudies who embrace this SQL course.

For what reason would it be a good idea for you to pick this course?

This is a finished instructional exercise on SQL which can be finished inside an end of the week. SQL is the most pursued expertise for Data examination jobs in all the organizations. PostgreSQL, mySQL are exceptionally wanted abilities for data set administration and information examination jobs. So regardless of whether you need to begin a vocation as an information researcher or simply develop you information investigation abilities, this course will cover all you require to know to do that.

What makes us qualified to educate you?

The course is instructed by Abhishek and Pukhraj. Educators of the course have been showing Data Science and Machine Learning for longer than 10 years. They have an inside and out information in cutting edge SQL, PostgreSQL, mySQL, data set administration, and different information investigation devices accessible on the lookout.

We are likewise the makers of the absolute most well known online courses – with more than 150,000 enlistments and a huge number of 5-star audits like these ones:

I had a marvelous second taking this course. It expand my insight more on the force utilization of SQL as a logical apparatuses. Credit to the teacher! – Sikiru

Extremely keen, learning exceptionally clever stunts and enough detail to make it stick to you. – Armand

Download Practice documents, take Quizzes, and complete Assignments

With each talk, there is a training sheet joined for you to track. You can likewise take tests to check your comprehension of ideas. Each segment contains a training task for you to basically carry out your learning. Answer for Assignment is additionally shared so you can survey your presentation.

Before the finish of this course, your trust in utilizing SQL will take off. You’ll have an exhaustive comprehension of how to utilize SQL for Data investigation as a lifelong chance.

Feel free to tap the enlist button, and I’ll see you in exercise 1!

Good wishes

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Why learn SQL?

  • SQL is the most all inclusive and normal utilized data set language.It powers the most ordinarily utilized data set motors like PostgreSQL, SQL Server, SQLite, and MySQL. Essentially put,If you need to get to data sets then indeed, you need to know SQL.
  • It isn’t actually hard to learn SQL. SQL isn’t a programming language, it’s a question language. The essential target where SQL was made was to give the likelihood to average citizens get intrigued information from data set. It is additionally an English like language so any individual who can utilize English at a fundamental level can compose SQL question without any problem.
  • SQL is perhaps the most pursued abilities by recruiting bosses.
  • You can bring in great cash

What amount of time does it require to learn SQL?

SQL is simple however nobody can decide the learning time it takes. It thoroughly relies upon you. The strategy we took on to assist you with taking in SQL rapidly begins from the fundamentals and takes you to cutting edge level in no time. You can follow something similar, however recollect you can adapt nothing without rehearsing it. Practice is the best way to learn SQL rapidly.

What are the means I ought to follow to learn SQL?

Begin gaining from the nuts and bolts of SQL. The initial 10 segments of the course cover the fundamentals.

Once finished with the fundamental give your hands a shot progressed SQL. Next 10 segments cover Advanced themes

Next couple of segments will cover assist you with meetings and Vivas.

Practice your learning on the activity gave in each segment.

What’s the contrast among SQL and PostgreSQL?

SQL is a language. In particular, the “Organized Query Language”

PostgreSQL is one of a few data set frameworks, or RDMS (Relational Database Management System). PostgresSQL is one of a few Rdms’, others of which are Oracle, Informix, MySQL, and MSQL.

These RDMSs use SQL as their language. Every one of them have minor varieties in the “tongue” of SQL that they use, however it’s all still SQL.

Which is better, PostgreSQL or MySQL?

Both are astounding items with one of a kind qualities, and the decision is frequently an issue of individual inclination.

PostgreSQL offers generally includes for customary information base applications, while MySQL centers around quicker execution for Web-based applications.

Open source advancement will bring more elements to resulting arrivals of the two information bases.

Who utilizes these information bases?

Here are a couple instances of organizations that utilization PostgreSQL: Apple, BioPharm, Etsy, IMDB, Macworld, Debian, Fujitsu, Red Hat, Sun Microsystem, Cisco, Skype.

What’s extraordinary about this course?

The course is made based on three mainstays of learning:

Know (Study)

Do (Practice)

Audit (Self input)


We have made a bunch of succinct and thorough recordings to show you all the SQL related abilities you will require in your expert vocation.


We additionally give Exercises to supplement the gaining from the talk video. These activities are painstakingly intended to additionally explain the ideas and help you with carrying out the ideas on useful issues looked at work.


Check in the event that you have taken in the ideas by executing your code and examining the outcome set. Pose inquiries in the conversation board in the event that you face any trouble.

Extra Lectures

Aside from this, their is a reward segment which covers significant themes from the perspective on new employee screenings and Vivas.

The Authors of this course have quite a long while of corporate experience and subsequently have curated the course material remembering the necessity of SQL in the present corporate world.

Who this course is for:

  • Working Professionals beginning their Data journey
  • Anyone curious to master SQL from beginner to Advanced in short span of time
  • Students about to join their first corporate job

Course content

  • Introduction
  • Installing and getting started
  • Case Study : Demo
  • Fundamentals SQL Statements
  • Restore and Back-up
  • Selection commands:Filtering
  • Selection commands:Ordering
  • Alias
  • Aggregate Commands
  • Group By Commands
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