Learn Test-Driven Development with React Free Video Course

Learn Test-Driven development to build more reliable and maintainable apps.

Test-Driven Development with React Free Video Course

What you will learn:

  • Test-Driven Development

Requirements for this course:

  • React basics
  • React unit testing basics


On the off chance that you previously knew about TDD however was considering how it expected to function for creating React applications, this course is for you. We will assemble a couple of highlights in an imagine home rental application. I will tell you the best way to compose a faltering test initial (step 1), then, at that point make it pass by composing code (stage 2), then, at that point refactor the code (stage 3). These highlights include:

building the application header (simple)

getting the rundown of rental homes from the API and showing it on the page (transitional)

building a rental booking discourse (complex)

In the wake of finishing this course, you will acquire the full force of TDD which gives you:

better center: you wind up composing much less code since you need barely enough to make the test pass, and whatever else is an interruption and can be disregarded

better design: you get less firmly coupled code and more strong parts

less bugs and easier support

high test inclusion: you have more certainty that everything is working

recorded conduct: the tests depict the expected conduct of the segment and report the edge cases

it’s not difficult to get after the last setting switch: when I get back to my code the next day, the following stage is consistently to get the test to pass or compose the following one or refactor

Who this course is for:

  • Intermediate React developers

Course content:

Building Home list
Building Home Booking Functionality

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