Learn The Professional SUPPORT & RESISTANCE Trading Strategy 2021 Free Video Course

Advanced Trading System to learn Financial Trading Analysis in Forex,Trading Strategy,Stocks & Commodities; Real LIVE Trades(+1500 PIPS)

Trading Strategy

What you will learn:

  • Study An Immensely Powerful and Authentic Trading Strategy to Generate Long-term Trading Returns.
  • Learn Advanced Support and Resistance Analysis using Top-Down Approach used by professionals.
  • Identify Low-risk Trading Opportunities in Bull & Bear Market Extremes in Forex, Metals, Commodities, Stocks.
  • Learn Ten Most Powerful Candlestick Patterns Indicating Change in Market Sentiment at Market Highs/Lows
  • Learn Complete Volume Analysis to Position Ourselves with Professional Traders or Market Makers.
  • As a Novice Trader, Learn to Invest with Confidence and Intelligence in Difficult Market Conditions.
  • Study Multiple Live Trades on MT4 to Understand The Strength of Support & Resistance Trading Strategy
  • And Above All, Learn to Make Your Trading Stress-free and Rewarding to Achieve Financial Success.
  • Learn Complete Trade Management including Entries, Stop-Loss, Risk-To- Reward, and Take-Profit Parameters

Requirements of Trading Strategy:

  • A Strong Will and An Open Mind to Learn and Succeed in Trading

Description of Trading Strategy:

Hi and welcome everybody to THE Expert Help AND Opposition Exchanging Technique!

In this course, I will clarify all that you require to know to begin exchanging promptly as Expert Merchant. The substance is coordinated so that whether you are a novice or a high level dealer, you will actually want to gain proficiency with a gigantically incredible exchanging framework from its very rudiments to its total use in the live economic situations.

This extensive course will answer every one of your questions in regards to the market in light of the fact that:

  1. I have altogether clarified the Total Proficient Technique which vows to convey whether you wish to exchange Forex, Stocks, Items or some other unreservedly exchanged resource class.
  2. In no way, shape or form, anything is kept mystery. I have painstakingly arranged this course utilizing my exchanging experience of over long term while carrying out Help and Obstruction Investigation to my best capacity.
  3. This procedure is a consolidated consequence of three demonstrated specialized driving indicators(i.e. Backing and Obstruction, Exchanging Volumes, and Significant Candle Inversion and Continuation Examples) which have stood the trial of times when utilized all alone.

What’s more, in the event that you require further persuading in regards to the adequacy of this system, every one of the live exchanges Segment 7 of the course running more than +1500 PIPS will clear any leftover questions to you.

Folks, this isn’t simply one more course that builds the intricacy of exchanging which itself is as of now complex business to dominate. All things being equal, you will see how The Expert Help and Opposition System change your exchanging experience as you figure out how to peruse the graphs like an expert merchant and keep away from mistakes that 90% of the brokers make consistently.

So merchants, join up with my course to appreciate:

  • An exchanging information more than ever and lifetime admittance to my course at no extra expense
  • Ceaseless help to help you at whatever point needed through questions and answers and Direct Messages
  • No inquiries posed, full multi day cash back-ensured if my course neglects to convey to your assumptions
  • All I anticipate from you consequently is a will to learn something extremely energizing and unquestionably fulfilling.

Can hardly wait to see you within!

Who this course is for:

  • Both beginners and advanced traders who are struggling to generate consistent returns.
  • Anyone wishing to start trading for the first time in their life
  • Anyone who wants to trade as an Investor and not a small-term Trader
  • And finally, anyone who needs convincing and proof that you can make money while trading.

Course content of Trading Strategy:

Introduction of Trading Strategy:

  • Basics of Support and Resistance Technical Analysis
  • Choosing Correct Time Frames for Support And Resistance Trading Strategy

The Complete Top-Down Support and Resistance Analysis:

  • Introduction to Top-Down Market Analysis
  • EURUSD Top-Down Support and Resistance Analysis
  • GBPUSD Top-Down Support and Resistance Analysis
  • Silver Spot Top-Down Support and Resistance Analysis
  • Gold Spot Top-Down Support and Resistance Analysis
  • Crude Oil Top-Down Support and Resistance Analysis

Major Candlestick Patterns in Support & Resistance Trading Strategy:

  • Introduction to key candlestick patterns
  • The Shooting Star and The Hammer Formations
  • Bearish and Bullish Engulfing Patterns
  • Signal Top and Signal Bottom
  • Double Bulls and Double Bears Formation
  • The Magic Doji and Isolated Pivots
  • Section 2-4 Quiz4 questions

The Powerful Volume Analysis to study price activity at market extremes:

  • The Summary of first half of the course
  • An Introduction to Volume Analysis in Trading
  • The Complete Guide to using Volume Analysis in Support & Resistance Strategy

The Complete Professional Support and Resistance Strategy Plan:

  • The Complete Five-Step Trading Plan
  • Two Key Errors to avoid while using Support & Resistance Strategy

The Professional Support & Resistance Trading Strategy LIVE MT4 Trades:

  • Live Trade 2: CHFJPY BUY (-16 PIPS) & RE-ENTRY SELL (+80 PIPS)
  • Live Trade 3: Silver Sell (+70 PIPS) and Sell Re-entry (Running +180 PIPS)
  • Live Trade 4: EURUSD Buy (-30 PIPS) & Sell Re-Entry (Running +180 PIPS)
  • Live Trade 5: Gold Spot Support Breakout Sell (+60 PIPS)
  • Live Trade 6: USDJPY Resistance Breakout Buy (+260 PIPS)
  • Live Trade 7: GBPUSD Resistance Breakout Buy (+125 PIPS)
  • Live Trade 8: USDCHF Resistance Breakout Buy (+190 PIPS)

The Conclusion:

  • One Final Piece of Advice

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